Hello, My Friends, How are things with You? all, is well,I truly hope.So, did you get that one Thing/Gift you really wanted? I did, I have 3 Children,2 Sons,1 Daugther.They never disappoint me,My Daughter,is my Love, she is so very Special to me, She has always been a Blessing to me! so unselfish,she always seems to put me first,(after her Husband) of course,My Mother’s Day,is Priceless,for I know in advance,this will be a wonderful day,first, my Husband,Serves,me Breakfast in Bed,Roses,and A lovely Card! My Sons,arrive with their Sons,and wish me a Happy Mothers Day,then I get my Cards, Such Beautiful Words,Love,Joy, Gladness, that they have me as their Mother,and, how can one ever receive too much Money,They always make Mom smile with that Cash!! lol..my Daugther and I always,go to Brunch,then we Shop.she buys me Whatever I want!! no matter what the Price,I love her,lol.After,People Watching* we head for our local Nursery,where,I feel the urge to run, as soon as I smell that sweet odor of Flowers,Yes,My personal Joy,(FLOWERS) I would stay all evening if my Child would not,say, Mom, it’s time,are you sure you have every Plant you wanted? I reply Yes,Sweetie,I have 5 trays, 2 Shrubs,2 hanging baskets,and one rose-bush,(this year they have a new color Coral) that was a must have,We load my SUV,and home we head,so Mom can begin her Planting.My daugther doesn’t like to Garden!! ahhhh!lol she just like to look at the finish project!! Again this Year Mother’s Day was a true blessing,everyone is whole and complete,Happy, Working,and living Life! while keeping GOD firstplace.I feel so blessed.My Grands, love to help unload my SUV,they are in the way,but,who cares?? help Grammie,my little/ones,Grammie loves you,my precious Grandchildren.Later, we head to my daughter’s beautiful home,where she has prepared ALL* my favorite foods,everything I asked for is cooked and ready to devour,she is a excellent Cook, that young lady can Burn….lol.Later 3 of my Sisters arrive,we exchange Cards and Small Gifts,kiss,hug,and send,the Men and Children away,so we can have Girl/women time..this is the life, the kids run to the Pool,all learned to Swim as Infants,so,it’s fun for all.. We look up and 2 more Sisters arrive,and one of my 2 sister-in-laws,what a day! Everything went off great..Another Happy Blessed Mother’s Day… how was your Mother’s Day? great I truly hope.. hug your family,love them,let them know you love them.show it,not,just on Mother’s Day. blm1957,stay inspired…….



      Today,I thought about the JOY* I feel,when I see my Children,Husband,and my Siblings all Whole and Complete… What a Blessing!!!! As,a Child,I can remember singing along with my Mom and our Church Family,”I GET JOY WHEN I THINK ABOUT WHAT HE’S DONE FOR ME” and today as a grown women I can say without a pause,that it still rings true..for, I truly FEEL JOY when I  look around and see what and how God is giving me Joy and Favor…Joy,Joy….Joyous,Joyful,and Peace.The Joy of seeing another day here on Earth,is awe-inspiring.Do you feel JOY? I hope so!! do you realize you can make your own Joy?Began,by counting your blessings,you will surely find JOY there.As for me,Joy surrounds my life,bringing bliss,and a renewed sense of Love and Peace………………

      Joy: an intense and especially ecstatic or exultant happiness,a sense of pleasure and satisfaction,  cheer,delight and peace. C.S. Lewis,once wrote:”I sometimes wonder whether ALL*Pleasures are not Substitutes for Joy” Strive to find your Joy!!!!! I have joy,the joy that comes from within,innate with that of Christ,along with the Joy to do his WILL*….. BLM 1957,Never let anyone Steal your JOY…….   stay joyous……blm 1957     peace…..