What Motivate You?? When you awoke this morning,from a peaceful,rested sleep,were you refreshed,as well as renewed?? hopefully,the answer is YES*,of course!! What Motivate You??


A conscious or unconscious need,drive,etc.that incites a person to some goal,action, or behavior,having the power to cause a motion to move,the desire for Change……….(funk&wagnalls) So, let’s go people! lol. Were you “Motivated” to do something New?perhaps,trying a new Hobby or Skill,beginning an Exercise Program, Walking,Jogging,or just a Stroll around the block. Are you “Motivated” to begin Spring Cleaning? I am!! I have always felt that the Sun* is a Great Motivator To CLEAN!!!!!lol. The Sunshine,feels me with Energy,Strength,Joy,and Happiness.Such pleasure…..  I’m a very Orginazied,A type personality, my family always knows I’m somewhere cleaning something….lol. If the Sun* is shining brightly,the wind has just a slight breeze,as it gently,caress your cheek,well, it is time to Do Something* Move It……..

As I stated,I jump out of bed,I pray, then get a  shower,and do all the daily bathroom things,one does,browse the Newspaper, then I head for the Great Outdoors* my Yard, My Flower-Gardens,this is next to Heaven to me as I sip my once daily cup of Coffee,I Pray again, just to Thank  my Father for this lovely day, I put on a pair of my work-gloves,and get busy. I remain outside for 2 hours, then, I sit in my Favorite Lawn Chair,and do my deep breathing exercise, after, 10 min.I re-enter my Home,and realize I’ve got to clean my down-stairs closets,let’s see,where/which Closet,do I start on first? well, the Entry Closet,is over-run with winter/coats,boots,shoes,hats,and scarfs!! I love a Challenge,so,I begin, I pull/  take out EVERYTHING,when all is clear,I remove all Winter Items,pack them away,and replace Only Spring jackets and light gear… I finish and head for the broom closet in the kitchen,half-filled containers are discarded,as well as my old mop and broom,replaced by new ones,aha,”Spring Cleaning”Motivates Me………

Now, that all the down-stairs Closets are neat and clean,, I take another  break,too, check my email,texts,etc. I return my MIL(mother-in-law) call,she says it’s important!!right lol.All is well, My family and myself have perfect health,and we walk in God’s Favor* always…… What Motivates You??? Perhaps,taking those last 6 credits you need to get your Degree is something you should look into today!!or just taking an enrichment class,or,dance class is always fun… Try it..you might like it….We are faced with so many routine decisions,that it would be difficult for most of us to list all the “Choices”we had to make yesterday,let alone throughout our lives……..   Therefore,I would like to suggest,we all find the Real you/me. just as when we were born,totally vulnerable,with the inborn need for Survival,and an inner Motivation to Success…. let’s remain Totally Motivated,to always inspire to do something Positive…  Stay Motivated,Stay Inspired to Motivate someone close to you!!! now, that’s HOT!!!!!! blm 1957…….Peace…


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