”  Today is Easter Sunday April 8,2012,Christians celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord,”JESUS CHRIST.”It is typically the most well-attended “Sunday”Service of the year for Christians Churches.Christians,believe,according to Scripture,that Jesus came back to life,or was raised from the dead,three days after his death on the Cross.As part of the Easter Season,the death of Jesus Christ by Crucifixion is commemorated always the friday just before Easter.Through,  his death,burial,and resurrection,Jesus paid the penalty for Sin,(thank you father)Thus purchasing for all who believe in him,Eternal Life* in Christ Jesus.(amen)

”  Without Easter (by Joanna Fuchs)  Without Easter,there would be no Hope of Heaven,without the hope of heaven, there would be no Repentance.No personal transformations,no attempt to follow biblical principles,Without Easter,*the world would be in Chaos and Darkness. Jesus’ death and resurrection means we can be reborn,to live  better,to do better,to shine light into the Shadows…..Hallelujah!!!!!  May the joy of Easter morning be a bright joyous light,May the peace of Easter*shine on you and your family,all day and into the night..Happy Easter Everybody!!!!!!! blm 1957, Hug your children extra tight today,keep them close.. let them enjoy their Easter Baskets*filled with Candy of all kind.Easter Bunnies, I even brought one with a Soccer Ball,Inside!!!(things have changed) Be Blessed..Remember,God’s Promise,Eternal Life for those who BELIEVE……………… BLM 1957


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