{{{GOOD FRIDAY}}} April 6,2012

        Good Friday is a Religious Holiday observed primarily by Christians Commemerating,the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ,on the Cross.This act bought Salvation to “ALL” who Believe!!!!!!!!! Good Friday is the Friday before “EASTER”.Good Friday is the day of the Holy Week*,and is a time of Fasting and Penance,the day commemorates not just a Historical Event,but the Sacrificial Death of Christ,  which with the Resurrection,comprises the heart of the Christian Faith.justisfication,that Christ who  offered himself on the Cross as a living Victim,Holy and Pleasing to God,who Blood has become the  Instrument of Atonement for the “SINS” of All* Men………..                                                                                         

         This is based on the Words of St.Paul:(Believers) are Justified freely by God’s grace through the Redemption in Christ Jesus,whom God set forth as an expiation,through Faith,by his Blood…(Romans 3:24-25 NAB)…. The Customs and Prayers associated with Good Friday Typically focus on the theme of Christ’s Sacrificial Death for our “SINS.” Most Good Friday worship services begin in the afternoon at 3:00pm.(the time Jesus likely died)….Do you plan on attending Good Friday Service? My Family will!!! blm 1957..be blessed this good friday…..RIP Mother E.L.Wooden,We love you and know you are Safe in God’s Arms.I love you Mother!!!


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