April,it’s the beginning of Spring,as always,I got both my Children and Husband.Every Year I Fool them on April 1st. When will they learn? lol. Never I hope!!!! it’s so much fun,My youngest Son is 28,and because April 1st, arrived on a Sunday I figured it would be harder to Fool them but, no I got him,My children text me daily However, my daughter and I text several times daily.So after I got my Morning text from them both I later texted,them to inquire why each had not answered my early morning Text,Each replied Mom, I don’t see your text! too which I again asked,check 8:45,as I heard them going thru their text messages,I was laughing silently,(my husband,laugh,and shakes his head) again they repeated,No,I don’t see it! I laughed,and Loudly, proclaimed, (I KNOW APRIL FOOL) laughs,laughs, My Son said,Man I knew it,in the background,I could hear my Daughter-in-law Laughing her butt off…my son said,Mom I thought all night,how is my mom going (to try) to get me,but,he was assured,he was ready for me this Year.Ha,Right!As, I let him know I’ve got you every year since you were 4yrs.old. I did the same thing with my daughter,as she scrolled up and down searching her text’s,Mom,she replied( bored)I don’t have a text from you at 8:45,I said into the Phone,I know you don’t (April Fool) she screamed,NO, you get me every year!!No,I also, heard my Son-in-law laughing,she gets you every Year.Mind you,my Husband was listening,all the while! yet, hours later,as he sat reading the Sunday morning paper,as I came into the Kitchen, I walked behind him and really annoyed,asked honey,why do you always leave your comic’s on the floor?(now remember he heard me with the kids earlier)lol. he rose from his chair and looked under and around the table,the floor,finally,he said there is NO Comic’s on the floor!!!! to which I Said (I Know April Fool) LOL… he thru the newspaper down dropped his head,he had to laugh,as he shook his head,he replied, I heard you earlier,getting the Kids,and I still fell for it…he had to give me my Prop’s because, I’m GOOD!!!!!!! Yes,I get them every year!! They and I love it.. It is so much fun thinking of ways to Fool them every April 1st. Does your Family have a Tradition like this? Try it you may like it!!! blm 1957…… hug your children,keep them close…


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