Today, I want to write about STRESS* and it’s harmful effects,Therefore,I would like to focus on living a Stress-Free/Life-style, in a “Stress Free Zone” that sounds great! don’t you agree? I have always been a Health conscious person. Forever, moving and staying active! I started Dance, at an early age,(all forms) some better than others, lol. Tap! not so much..In middle and high school,running laps around the track was a feeling of Freedom for me, as the wind blow,it was as if, a  small fan,was running right at my side..I loved it..When, Exercise/Workout classes began,I gladly ran to the front of the line..Thus, it comes as no surprise that into Adulthood,I still Run, Jog,Dance,Workout for 1 hour daily, It just became a part of my regiment. So, imagine my surprise,when, going in for my Yearly Check-up,after,Dr.E, took my Blood Pressure for a second time, I became slightly alarmed,for, I have always,always, had a perfect Blood-Pressure,  my blood sugar is fine,my cholesterol is great.I’m blessed, thank you Father…  I’m 5’5, 135pds, fit and toned.I worked hard for this Bod!!! lol.. I love the way my clothes,embrace my curves,and the look..My body is my Temple………

Dr.E,took out his glasses,as he worriedly asked,blm,Is there something “Stressing” you out? because,after years of a stable blood pressure,for the last 2 months, my blood-pressure,was elevated, I had to reply yes Doc. for the last 4 months, My Husband and Son (both) were hearing talk,worry,about rumored lay-offs,my husband tried to hide it,but, I knew he was troubled.. my son is young,with 2 young children,his wife was laid-off from her job, last month,my daughter’s husband,is hearing talk of closings/lay-offs in his department..SO IM I STRESSED? YOU THINK!!!!!!!!! because, I know what Stress does to one’s body, Stress, can become a “Killer” and to Stress, I loudly say,You have no place in my life, MS. Stress!!! lol. you must pack up and leave now,I’m kicking you to the Curb! you will not give me a Heart Attack or Stroke!! no way, I have too much living to do, I have Grand-children to enjoy,my little “Butterflies” my Husband,my Children. So, today* I start a new way of reliving any* Stressful Devices, in my life..

Therefore, I would like to pass along these suggestions/thoughts to you,and anyone,who is dealing with this silent killer* called “Stress”  Some stress is normal,and even useful.Stress can help if you need to work hard or react quickly.For example,it can help you win a race,or finish a job on time.BUT,if Stress,happens too often or lasts too long,it can be linked to headaches,an upset stomach,back pain,or trouble sleeping,it can weaken your immune system,  making it harder to fight off disease. If you already have a health problem,Stress can make it WORST!! here are some Tips to help you: Ways to avoid Stress: 1)learn better ways to manage your time.make a Schedule,think about which things are most important,and do them first…..2)Find better ways to cope,look at how you have been dealing  with Stress,be Honest!realize,what Works,and What doesn’t…3)Please take care of yourself,try to get as much rest as you can,(even 5 Min.) Eat well,try not to smoke,and limit alcohol.4)Try new ways of thinking,when/if you find yourself starting to worry,try to stop the thoughts,think of clear blue skies,a fav.memory,Work on letting go of things, “YOU CANNOT CHANGE”Learn to say NO* say it, mean it, if you don’t want to do something!just say NO!!! 5)Speak up,talk about your NEEDS and CONCERNS,say it like you MEAN* It…lol.6)Walk,exercise,run,jog,Work in your yard,(I told you)lol. practice deep breathing, inhale,exhale,slowly,then heavier.Pray,Pray,think positive and loving thoughts.Do things that please you, as,for me I’m walking every* day now, breathing, singing,seeing good in little things, letting go of things I cannot control,getting the things I need, staying focus,counting my Blessings, and then I take another walk around the block… Walk,Run,Enjoy…..I truly hope these suggestions, help you, you do not want “STRESS” to become a barrier of sickness in your life.. Let it go.I’m.and I believe I’m feeling better already,as I feel my Pressure drop  lower EVERY DAY.. Im striving for a “Stress/Free Life,starting Yesturday!!! blm 1957,stay stress/less,stay inspired..      I’m Stressfree!! I Declare It!!!!!! blm 1957 peace



What Motivate You?? When you awoke this morning,from a peaceful,rested sleep,were you refreshed,as well as renewed?? hopefully,the answer is YES*,of course!! What Motivate You??


A conscious or unconscious need,drive,etc.that incites a person to some goal,action, or behavior,having the power to cause a motion to move,the desire for Change……….(funk&wagnalls) So, let’s go people! lol. Were you “Motivated” to do something New?perhaps,trying a new Hobby or Skill,beginning an Exercise Program, Walking,Jogging,or just a Stroll around the block. Are you “Motivated” to begin Spring Cleaning? I am!! I have always felt that the Sun* is a Great Motivator To CLEAN!!!!!lol. The Sunshine,feels me with Energy,Strength,Joy,and Happiness.Such pleasure…..  I’m a very Orginazied,A type personality, my family always knows I’m somewhere cleaning something….lol. If the Sun* is shining brightly,the wind has just a slight breeze,as it gently,caress your cheek,well, it is time to Do Something* Move It……..

As I stated,I jump out of bed,I pray, then get a  shower,and do all the daily bathroom things,one does,browse the Newspaper, then I head for the Great Outdoors* my Yard, My Flower-Gardens,this is next to Heaven to me as I sip my once daily cup of Coffee,I Pray again, just to Thank  my Father for this lovely day, I put on a pair of my work-gloves,and get busy. I remain outside for 2 hours, then, I sit in my Favorite Lawn Chair,and do my deep breathing exercise, after, 10 min.I re-enter my Home,and realize I’ve got to clean my down-stairs closets,let’s see,where/which Closet,do I start on first? well, the Entry Closet,is over-run with winter/coats,boots,shoes,hats,and scarfs!! I love a Challenge,so,I begin, I pull/  take out EVERYTHING,when all is clear,I remove all Winter Items,pack them away,and replace Only Spring jackets and light gear… I finish and head for the broom closet in the kitchen,half-filled containers are discarded,as well as my old mop and broom,replaced by new ones,aha,”Spring Cleaning”Motivates Me………

Now, that all the down-stairs Closets are neat and clean,, I take another  break,too, check my email,texts,etc. I return my MIL(mother-in-law) call,she says it’s important!!right lol.All is well, My family and myself have perfect health,and we walk in God’s Favor* always…… What Motivates You??? Perhaps,taking those last 6 credits you need to get your Degree is something you should look into today!!or just taking an enrichment class,or,dance class is always fun… Try it..you might like it….We are faced with so many routine decisions,that it would be difficult for most of us to list all the “Choices”we had to make yesterday,let alone throughout our lives……..   Therefore,I would like to suggest,we all find the Real you/me. just as when we were born,totally vulnerable,with the inborn need for Survival,and an inner Motivation to Success…. let’s remain Totally Motivated,to always inspire to do something Positive…  Stay Motivated,Stay Inspired to Motivate someone close to you!!! now, that’s HOT!!!!!! blm 1957…….Peace…


”  Today is Easter Sunday April 8,2012,Christians celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord,”JESUS CHRIST.”It is typically the most well-attended “Sunday”Service of the year for Christians Churches.Christians,believe,according to Scripture,that Jesus came back to life,or was raised from the dead,three days after his death on the Cross.As part of the Easter Season,the death of Jesus Christ by Crucifixion is commemorated always the friday just before Easter.Through,  his death,burial,and resurrection,Jesus paid the penalty for Sin,(thank you father)Thus purchasing for all who believe in him,Eternal Life* in Christ Jesus.(amen)

”  Without Easter (by Joanna Fuchs)  Without Easter,there would be no Hope of Heaven,without the hope of heaven, there would be no Repentance.No personal transformations,no attempt to follow biblical principles,Without Easter,*the world would be in Chaos and Darkness. Jesus’ death and resurrection means we can be reborn,to live  better,to do better,to shine light into the Shadows…..Hallelujah!!!!!  May the joy of Easter morning be a bright joyous light,May the peace of Easter*shine on you and your family,all day and into the night..Happy Easter Everybody!!!!!!! blm 1957, Hug your children extra tight today,keep them close.. let them enjoy their Easter Baskets*filled with Candy of all kind.Easter Bunnies, I even brought one with a Soccer Ball,Inside!!!(things have changed) Be Blessed..Remember,God’s Promise,Eternal Life for those who BELIEVE……………… BLM 1957

{{{GOOD FRIDAY}}} April 6,2012

        Good Friday is a Religious Holiday observed primarily by Christians Commemerating,the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ,on the Cross.This act bought Salvation to “ALL” who Believe!!!!!!!!! Good Friday is the Friday before “EASTER”.Good Friday is the day of the Holy Week*,and is a time of Fasting and Penance,the day commemorates not just a Historical Event,but the Sacrificial Death of Christ,  which with the Resurrection,comprises the heart of the Christian Faith.justisfication,that Christ who  offered himself on the Cross as a living Victim,Holy and Pleasing to God,who Blood has become the  Instrument of Atonement for the “SINS” of All* Men………..                                                                                         

         This is based on the Words of St.Paul:(Believers) are Justified freely by God’s grace through the Redemption in Christ Jesus,whom God set forth as an expiation,through Faith,by his Blood…(Romans 3:24-25 NAB)…. The Customs and Prayers associated with Good Friday Typically focus on the theme of Christ’s Sacrificial Death for our “SINS.” Most Good Friday worship services begin in the afternoon at 3:00pm.(the time Jesus likely died)….Do you plan on attending Good Friday Service? My Family will!!! blm 1957..be blessed this good friday…..RIP Mother E.L.Wooden,We love you and know you are Safe in God’s Arms.I love you Mother!!!


     April,it’s the beginning of Spring,as always,I got both my Children and Husband.Every Year I Fool them on April 1st. When will they learn? lol. Never I hope!!!! it’s so much fun,My youngest Son is 28,and because April 1st, arrived on a Sunday I figured it would be harder to Fool them but, no I got him,My children text me daily However, my daughter and I text several times daily.So after I got my Morning text from them both I later texted,them to inquire why each had not answered my early morning Text,Each replied Mom, I don’t see your text! too which I again asked,check 8:45,as I heard them going thru their text messages,I was laughing silently,(my husband,laugh,and shakes his head) again they repeated,No,I don’t see it! I laughed,and Loudly, proclaimed, (I KNOW APRIL FOOL) laughs,laughs, My Son said,Man I knew it,in the background,I could hear my Daughter-in-law Laughing her butt off…my son said,Mom I thought all night,how is my mom going (to try) to get me,but,he was assured,he was ready for me this Year.Ha,Right!As, I let him know I’ve got you every year since you were 4yrs.old. I did the same thing with my daughter,as she scrolled up and down searching her text’s,Mom,she replied( bored)I don’t have a text from you at 8:45,I said into the Phone,I know you don’t (April Fool) she screamed,NO, you get me every year!!No,I also, heard my Son-in-law laughing,she gets you every Year.Mind you,my Husband was listening,all the while! yet, hours later,as he sat reading the Sunday morning paper,as I came into the Kitchen, I walked behind him and really annoyed,asked honey,why do you always leave your comic’s on the floor?(now remember he heard me with the kids earlier)lol. he rose from his chair and looked under and around the table,the floor,finally,he said there is NO Comic’s on the floor!!!! to which I Said (I Know April Fool) LOL… he thru the newspaper down dropped his head,he had to laugh,as he shook his head,he replied, I heard you earlier,getting the Kids,and I still fell for it…he had to give me my Prop’s because, I’m GOOD!!!!!!! Yes,I get them every year!! They and I love it.. It is so much fun thinking of ways to Fool them every April 1st. Does your Family have a Tradition like this? Try it you may like it!!! blm 1957…… hug your children,keep them close…