“Strive”to find your PLACE* of “PEACE” Inner-Peace,that quite,safe,place where you can Relax,Breathe,and Exhale.A Place where no-one is Allowed*to bring Gossip,Negativity,Fear, or Worry. Today’s World can Depleat One of any   Inner-Peace,At times,It Feels as if the entire Universe* sits Squarely on your (sometimes) Narrow Shoulders!! Shoulders, that can/not,will/not,Carry One more Burden!!!!!! I Cast these Burdens,away,for, Burdens, have no Power in my Life,So I’m free from them  Forever.Amen.Thus, I Strive for my Inner-Peace,that Joyous feeling of Quietness,and untold Victory.At times,as I sit in my Backyard,As,I wrote earlier, My (Grounds) are Spacious,Beautiful,Colorful,and very Peaceful!!!! I have a Favorite Stone Bench,centered directly,in the middle of my Rose Garden,I hide their Quite, as My Loved-Ones,know not to Disturb*Me,when I’m in my Peaceful Place!!! What A Life!!! lol. I would not take anything, for this Inner-Peace…. As, I drink,from my Cup of Tea,I look at my Surroundings,Praise,Joy,and Love,Fills Me…I Smile knowing everything,is Working for my Good,as I Walk in the Favor*of God.I Pray,I give Thanks,while,Staying Inspired.

I would like to Suggest to You, Some of my Mini/Escapes,I Subscribe too: (1) Your Flower Garden,offers “Sweet Serenity” look at the Beauty,and the Scent of the Flowers,as the Wind Gently Blows Through. (2)Feel your Bath-tub,with Lavender Soaps,Scented Candles,and Soft Music…Ahhh.feeling better already!!! lol…(3) Pray,Rejoice,and  Meditate. Try it!!! you will love it…..Breaking away EVEN for 10 minutes ,can Bolster your Health,Stress causes your Body to Tense Up,which can lead to Headache,an Upset Stomach,Raised Blood Pressure and more… Relaxing and getting away from “IT ALL” gives your Body a Chance to get back to a Healthier Balance* If,you are feeling Overwhelmed!Try Exercise* Exercise,is One of Nature’s Best/Free Tranquilizers…..I also,Practice Deep Breathing,* Always sat aside Time to Pray!!You will receive Awesome Results!!!!! Lastly, Some Sunday’s after Church* when I”m not Expecting Company, or the Grandchildren, lol. I just Enjoy  my Life!!! Thank You Father for the Peace*I love Building my Flower/Beds,also,Planting, Herbs,and some Vegetables.just getting Down and Dirty, in the Dirt*,lol…… My Gardening,provides, a Space for My Thoughts,without “Interruption”and my Harvest,is a reminder that things, will Come in “Due Time”….. blm 1957, find your Place of Peace!!  Stay Peaceful!! God Bless You…….


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