What is the “CALL” on Your LIFE????(How to know/Understand Your True Calling) EVERYONE,* has a Call on Their Life,(take a moment,and reflex,on your child-hood,your Siblings,also)  You, always felt,a Yearning,a Knowing; That Desire to become a Doctor,Lawyer*,Teacher,*Policeman,*Fireman,*Preacher,* or a  Counselor,or Maybe, doing Volunteer Work*,Perhaps, you just wanted to Speak Words of Wisdom,to Strangers,or Simply,Offering to be a True Friend, to those who Society has shouned,Is it because they are “Different”(unquote) However, you Just* knew, You Wanted, to be Someone Important.*From the Age of 5 until 14,I wanted to become A NURSE,*There is the thing,you do for a Living,and then,There is that Thing you were BORN*to DO… I remember,as a Young Child, and Pre-Teen,Going to the Hospital*,for an Injury,or a Check-up, I ALWAYS* loved to see the Nurse’s, I was Amazed,at Their Crisp,WHITE* Nursing Uniforms,  White Polished Nursing Shoes,White Nylons,and the,Topping*,THE NURSING CAP/HAT*Wow,Nurse’s Actually, wore Caps on their Heads,it held their Hair in place,Well, Manicured Nails, Clear Nail Polish,Short,and Medium Length ONLY* (I feel so sorry,for the Youth of today) for, they know nothing,of this look! Today, SOME NURSE’S, AND (AID’S) can WEAR, Colored Scrubs,LONG Fake Nails..Yuk!!! (is that Sanitary)     Sad,Sad.. They Wear LONG Fake Hair, (is that Sanitary)?????????? However, At the Age of 16 to 18, I knew I wanted,to Work,and Teach, Young Girls, how to become Young Ladies,(I feel this is/was missing in a lot of Households then/and now, Girls,no longer,act like Girls,they can out-curse,their little Male Friends,they no nothing ,of having the Boy/Man,hold the Door,for them to Enter First!! It’s just sad,Thus, I felt this deep longing,to Open/Invite young Girls to Classes,(I asked my Pastor,if my Cousin,(his daughter)lol. if we could hold Teaching Classes in the Church Basement, on Wednesdays,after Bible Study,he Said Yes, if One of Our Mother’s, were Present. At such any Early Age,I wanted to become a Nurse, “A NURSE”-The unique function of a Nurse is to assist an Individual, Sick/or well,in the Performance,of those Activities Contributing to Health or its Recovery(or to a peaceful death).So,as I Matured, I went from wanting to become a Nurse, to wanting to Teach… Both Acts or Callings,for these Acts,are Helping,Aiding, Giving unselfishly,of yourself!!  Thus, This is My Calling,I knew,I just knew this was/is what I was Suppose to be doing with my Life,Years, Later, I  Volunteer,along with my Daughter, Mentoring,to Young Girls,(ages 6 to 13) you have to Start them Early.they are so Eager to Learn,they hug you, hold on your every word,as you the Adult,understand,the neglect they Face daily, the Despair,the Abuse,We can always tell, yet,we never try to Dig to deeply into their lives,I have stopped, many a young lady from Discussing, Personal Affairs!! We call the Parents in to Volunteer,as often as Possible,I’m very Thankful for my CALLING*it Fills Me,with Pleasure,knowing I’m teaching,these young Ladies,how to become,Good Mother’s, while making Postive Decisions,Promising,to always be a Lady First!!What,a Rewarding Experience! We call them. Butterflies* Our little Butterflies, coming in as Moths*,and Growing into “BUTTERFLIES” My little Butterflies…… I  Thank God “For My Calling” for, I know,I’m doing what God,wants me too. Make a Difference”!!”WHAT IS YOUR CALLING”, Do You Know???? I hope you have/know your Calling,Do what you are Predestined to do..Feel the Joy of your Calling,Changing one Life at a Time.May God Bless and Keep you,  blm 1957, find/discover your Calling.Stay Inspired.. Hug your children,and that special child,who needs a hug,keep them close……  blm 1957…. BTW: I :MUST ADD THIS “CORRECT/TRUE*STATEMENT I DO NOT SUGGEST FOR ONE (1) MOMENT THAT ALL NURSE’S WEAR FAKE HAIR, AND FINGERNAILS,FOR,THEY DON’T*!!!!!!! I WOULD SAY 99% ARE CLEAN,LOYAL,AND DEDICATED,WORKER’S SO PLEASE,I DO NOT WANT TO AFFEND* ANYONE!! I HAVE SEEN  HOWEVER,SOME*(AID’S) NOT SO UP TO PARE!!! I”M JUST SAYING!!!!PEACE……..


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