So Officially,Today is the 1st.day of Spring!March20,2012,Or is your City/Town like so many Other States,that seems to have some Weather Wires Crossed,lol. Places,that should be Freezing,are experiencing temperatures, boarding on the  “Extreme” Cold Regions,are Warm/Hot,while,Hot/Warm Regions are Cold/w/Snow..What The????LOL. What’s Going On????? As, for me, being, A Landscaper,I can hardly wait,for Spring,I’m Feeling So Great, about this Change in the Season.Totally Delighted….Walking  thru One of my Four Gardens, I’m Drawn to the Spring,* Garden! here,one can find, Crocus,along with the Heavenly,Scent of Hyacinth’s,I have Yellow,Pink,White,and of course,Blue.what a Sight,and Smell. walking,to the left side of the Garden,fields,of Iris,greet you,Lovely Purple.with yellowish center,and if you like, Sunny Yellow,I offer,Yellow Iris,with a Reddish Hue..They are a Favorite,so Tall and Opulent.moving along,There are,Snowdrops,and if you are really Serious,Look at “MY TULIPS” I have won Awards for the most Beautiful, and Over/all Design, in our Yearly,Spring Flower Contest,for, the Last Several Years,I Proudly,Display my Awards,on a lovely,Arbor Deck.It brings such delight, and is a joy to be-hold..for, I have 4 Heights, 18in.15in,12in,and the baby, of the bunch 6in.What a Sight!!! My “Tulips are, Pink,Red,Purple.and White….Tallest to the Short. Also, My Yellow Daffodils,are the prize,they are in a 4 Tier Design,it is as if, a Yellow Blanket of  Sunshine,cover’s,the entire right side of our Lawn…Delightful,Devine.If I may say so myself!!!! I’m so Thankful Spring is upon us,for, that means Summer is Just Around the Corner!!!!!!! Go to your Local Gardening, Shop/Nursery,and Plant Something,you will feel so rewarded,when you see what Peeks,Up from the Earth…….      Happy Planting,Enjoy Spring.. Hug your Little Ones,Let Them Plant their own Flower!Name it, make Gardening Fun. blm 1957… Stay Inspired by Spring!!!!



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