“Happy Birthday Mama”,MARCH 11th,The Special Day of your BIRTH,You Always made our Birthday’s Special with 4 Little Words!!! As Children,My Mother “Coined” the Phrase* “SO TODAY’S YOUR DAY” If You were Blessed enough to Celebrate,A new Birthday,these were the 4 Words,You Knew,Would Ring throughout Your “Special Day”  My Mom, was a Loving Mother,she showed Love,While,ALWAYS, Demanding Respect!!!!! (You Better Know It)lol….How, I Waited for those Words,every November 9th…for, it made Me, Feel Special, and Loved,Cared About,and Safe….If Your Birthday Happened,to fall on a Week-day,even,in School You Smiled,in Anticipation,of Your Very Own Birthday Cake*  Knowing the Moment You Walked inside the Door,She Appeared,Softly,cuddling Your Cheeks,with Her Magical Words  of Love for You,Because as she reminded Us,It’s Your Day ALL Day*…..You had the Day off from Chores,any thing that smelled,of Work of any Kind…Thank You,Mom,for those Memories,that we Carried into our Own Families,for,We.Children,all Greet”Our Children”the very same way on their “BIRTHDAY’S…A Tradition,they must Agree, to Past on to Their Children.And So On,and so on…Isn’t that Special*…..Mama,I Miss You, Sometimes,I still Cry for You,Sometimes,I Only Need my Mother*,to make it ALLRIGHT……I Love You,and I Carry You in my Heart Forever…..As you rest in God’s Care,I Miss You Mama.But, I’ll make it with God’s Help……………………………………      Mommy,Today is March 11th..”SO TODAY IS YOUR DAY” lol. “ALL DAY LONG..lol.Thank You,for being such a Wonderful Mother.. Your Daughter,blm 1957,Hug your Children,make their Birthday’s Special……..Stay Inspired……… Also,Happy Birthday,Brother-in-law,Kenneth D..


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