How Are you Feeling Today?????

“How are you Feeling Today? I Truly hope you are at Your Very Best. Consider this! Did you awake this Morning, with your Vision?,your Legs moved along,as you walked to the Bathroom!did you have to Call Someone to Assist you? When you Swollened your Meds,did they Go down smoothly? Did you Feel any Pain,Swelling?? Can you up and down your Stairs without Assistance? Do you have A Home, Car, Food, and Family????? Do you and your Mate Respect One Another?? Do you give God the Glory for your Blessings?? How Are You Feeling Today?? Let Me Offer A Suggestion, If you Answered Yes,to even 2 of these Questions,you are Blessed! If you Answered Yes to All of them, You are SO*  Blessed,You Cannot, be Stressed…Walk in Faith,Trust the Lord,Do Something Great for Someone,Say Hello,to that  Stranger! Take a Walk around the Block, Call an old Friend you’ve lost Contact with,Make their Day!! A little Kindness  goes a LONG WAY…….Stay Inspired,How Are You Feeling Today??? Great I Know!!!! Walk in the Favor* of God……….  blm 1957….Hug your children,keep them close…


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