Dear Father, I come to you as Humble,as I know how! Because,of your Goodness and Mercy,I know I can go on with the Knowledge,that Everything,is going to Work out All Right!!! You have Shown yourself to be a Wonder,and a Father of the most High.This is why I want More of You, and Less of me!! I Need you in my Life,I Need the Favor,of your Glorious Blessings! I Praise you on High.On last Friday Night,we lost Power to our Home, The Entire Neighborhood was Black,Dark and Frightening! The First 1/2 hour,My husband and I just looked at One Another,Thankful,Our Son had picked up the Grands,Earlier.As we were watching one of our Favorite Movies,we had our Snacks, comfy Night-Clothes,Phone unplugged, we had the Grandchildren,for 1 Week,so, We were just looking for “US”Time.We Spoil them,Love them,Kiss and Love them some More, lol.They are Spoiled,Yes,they are, we know it,and so Do They!!!!! lol.Thus,we just wanted to just hear Quiet!! but, not this kind of QUIET!! LOL.NO POWER, No TV,No Lights,Fortunately I Love,Love,Candles,All Shapes and Sizes….As,we found our Candle Lighter,we soon had a Cozy,Sweet Aromatic,  Glow, Along with our Fireplace,that provided a very Warm and Romantic Setting.However,with no Electricity!  what a Bummer!!Guess What? The Power was off for 2 Days!!!! Yes,2.,After the 1st.Night,I got out My Bible,Reading,mostly,in the Natural Daylight,As a Sense of Peace,Over-took my Mind,Body,and Soul,Leaving me to Begin,to Thank God,while Praying for the   Families,who were facing Tornadoes,Terrible Storms, Death and Homelessness. I Prayed and Asked my Father, to Let  Me Seek More of Him ,and to make it Less about Me.This is my Prayer! that I will Continue to Seek my Father’s Face.. To do more,to help my Fellow Man! Yes,Lord,Let it be More of You, and Less of Me.. Sometimes, God has to Shut  Everything “Down”to get Our Attention,and Boy, He got Mine…. More of You,Less of Me.. Stay Inspired…blm 1957.hug your Children,keep them Close… BTW: Happy Birthday,Bobbi Kristina Brown,You have So many People Praying for You, in the Loss of your Dear Mother,I am so Sorry.God Bless you!! blm 1957…..


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