“Happy 4th.BirthdayBrennan j,” Bren, Geese,can hardly,believe that you are 4 yrs.old, 1 2 3 4. My New Grandson, Brennan J,Came into this World, on February 20th,2008.. We first, gave Thanks to God,for giving us, this Beautiful,fully Developed Infant! He was so Rosy,in Color, with shiny long Silky Hair,He finally opened his Eyes,revealing,Big,Marble,Shaped Eyes,However,what amazed us most,was how really long his Lashes were,for a New Born,he was the Most-Beautiful Baby, I had ever seen…Time goes by sooo FAST!! it seems,he grew up over-night. 1, 2, 3, 4.. Paw Paw,and I just love this little Guy….He is the Love of our Life…  At  2 weeks old, his Mom, was Bed-ridden, and needed Grandma and Paw Paw, to take care of our New-Born Grandson,To say I was Scared,Nervous,and wanted to back-out,( but, she needed us,as her Parents,live out-of-town) would be putting it Mildly!!Later,that Evening my son arrived,my Grandson,included,well,it was time to put our Grandparenting,skills to the test,and guess what? We passed with flying Colors!! as, I held this little Bundle of pure Joy..it was as if,I was looking at his Dad!!Wow..I bathe him,feed him,changed poo-poo Diapers, and loved every moment of it.. lol.We made changes, to his Dad’s  Bedroom,taking out shelfs,a TV Stand,and replaced it with a Handsome,Sturdy,Maple Thomasville Triple Bed  W/Dressing Table..While still keeping his Dad’s Treasure’s Displayed!!!From that Day to this Day,We continue to Care for him overnight,Every/Week End,(some things we take a Week off)lol.Their are Times we keep that Little Tike* for 2 Weeks at a Time,Loving every moment…We make sure he Eats Healthy! Bren, loves Most Fruits, really All Fruits,He’s a Great Eater……The Week before his 4th.Birthday,We purchased,”The CARS*Theme”,for the B-Day Party,5 Children Attented,.Along with Cousin, Lil Brad,they had a Ball,Fun,Fun.Childish Laughter,Running,Hiding, just sheer delight,filled the Air!!!We had Trouble,getting the little Ones, to understand after 5 Hours!!it was time for the Party to come to an End.lol.Bren,recieved,great Gifts,VTech Computer Clothes,Cars,Trucks,(he loves his Cars and Trucks) lol. As We Song “Happy Birthday” Around his  Boyish, Cars*4th.Birthday Cake,He closed his Eyes,and made a Short Wish, lol..As we handed each child their Goody*,Part/ing Bags,Thanking,their Parents for also Attending,We closed the Door and Survey’d the Damage,We could handle it..lol.In closing,I would like to remind every Parent and Grandparent to take Pic’s, Video’s,because,they Grow up SOOOO Fast!!! Brennan,grew up so Fast,He’s 4 Already..Wow..Bren, is Enrolled in Spanish Classes,Swimming Classes,and soon,He will Begin,Piano/Keyboard Lessons!!!It’s Never to Early to Start….Get them Enrolled Early!!!!We Love You Bren,Geese,PawPaw,Mommy,Daddy,Big Brother Davion,,and Lil Brad,Auntee and Uncle D. You are a Genius* A Perfect Gift from God,We are so Blessed to have You………blm 1957 hug your children,keep them close….. Stay Inspired!!!!!!!!!



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