~~WHY PRAY~~????????

                I, Truly Believe Prayer is the Key, to Hope,Change, and Renewed Faith.Prayer, can change a Hopeless Situation,into,Hope Abound, if we only Believe,Trust,and keep our Faith Lifted on High….      Prayer, is the way to Destroy all Fear!It is the way to Banish Sorrow,the way to light a Torch of Hope…It is the Revolution that Rewrites the Scenario of our Destiny and the Paths we Choose to Follow  in  this  Journey we call Life!!!!!!  Prayer is the Courage to persevere. It is the Struggle ,to Overcome our  Weakness, and Lack of Confidence in Ourselves,It is the Conviction that we can Change the Situation   without Fail.. Always Pray and never Cease……..blm 1957..stay inspired……                                                       



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