{ Words Of Hope }

                 When a Believing Person Prays,Great things happen!! Don’t Speak/Show ill Will against each other,Brothers and Sisters,for, if you Criticize each other,then you are Criticizing and Condemning God’s Law.Remember, You are not A Judge!! (Judge Not, lest you be Judged) So, many People are So Easy to Judge Others,Forgetting,But, for the  Grace of God,there go you!!! Stop being so Fast, to Judge,Speaking Negative, being unkind, to the less fortunate, Strive to be the One to make a difference in the lives of your Fellow Human-Being… It won’t Cost you Anything!!! I stopped a Lady yesterday,at my Local CVS, she was a Senior, counting out her Coins,  While, Earnestly,trying to find 75 cents,to pick-up her Prescription, as she looked and Searched, turning her Purse upside down,and all around. I Softly,walked up to Her, as not, to frighten her,and Gentlely, pressed a $10.00 Bill in her   Aging,shaky,Hand. She turned and looked at Me, as if I were an Angel,as,She asked in a low,weak Voice,Is this for me??? Yes, I said, I would like to give you this,as an act of Love,and Hope that good People, do exist Everywhere.People are all Basically Good,a few will do Something Stupid,and make One feel, there is no Hope, left   in the World! this, is Wrong,for there is Good, all around us.I would like to Inspire you, to do a Random act of Kindness,giving a person Hope!!! you can give a Dollar, Five, Ten,,Twenty, Whatever, you are lead  to give… or  you    can open a Door, Close a Door,Pick up your Neighbor’s Over-turned Trash can,Etc.Etc. Little things that Mean so   very much to someone…. Please, remember,Each Day provides opportunities, to put God where He belongs,as the center of our lives…when we do so,we Worship Him, not just with Words,but with Deeds!!And we become Dutiful,Servants of God…Be Cheerful no matter what,Pray do not Cease..Thank God, No matter What Happens!! This is the way, God wants us, who Belong to him to Live… KEEP HOPE ALIVE…..blm 1957..Stay Inspired… hug your children,keep them close…..


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