On Saturday February 11,2012,at 7:33pm I learned with a frantic Call from my Daughter,telling me to hurry,  turn to CNN, she shouted into the Phone,Mom turn,do you have it, she asked! A feeling of Gloom.a Sense of Bad News, I knew it would not be good News!  I held my Breath,and Turned to CNN, much to my utter dismay,SHOCK* for,all I saw was a Photo of Whitney Houston! along with 1963-2012, and too myself, I Scream softly,and Shout, God,No………….I have not been the same since!!!!! If you are a Regular Reader,of my Blogs,you know,I always give Background Info,on the Subject, this Time However, I just don’t have the Will* to write about Whitney’s Birth,Death,nor anything that made this Horror, appear Real!!! I Cried out to my Husband,hung up on my child,and informed Hubby to turn to CNN,as he to was watching his Favorite Channel(Basketball) he too,ran up the Stairs,to comfort me, and I him,for,we are huge Fans of Whitney!!! I have the Honor to Resemble Whitney,I’m always told this, (do you know who you look like,Strangers has asked) to which, I Reply, Whitney, Yes!! they say,to which, we all have a good laugh…I look like 1990-1996, Whitney, with myHair-Up, Tresses,Softly covering my Face…I always laugh because,even I can See,with the same Hair-Style,we look an awful lot alike…That “VOICE” the voice of an ANGEL, is  Silent,gone Forever,,this is Soo Sad,Tragic!but, God’s will, must be Done,as a women of Strong Faith, I    Don’t Question God!I will not Write anything Further about “Nippy” I will Just remember the Beautiful women She was,My Heart is Broken,but,I will be Alright! please Pray for Whitney’s Baby,She Loved her Soooo Much…Bobbi Kristina!! We are Praying for you,your Grandma and the Houston Family….  Rest Whitney,it was time for your Rest!!!  I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU…………BLM 1957..miss you already…..


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