Happy Valentines’s Day 2012! “A DAY FOR LOVE” Every February 14th,Across the United States,and other Countries,around the World. Candy,Flowers,Cards,and Gifts are Exchanged between Lovers, and Loved One’s all in the   Name of Valentine’s Day!   “THE LEGEND” contends, that  St.Valentine,was a Priest who served during the third century in Rome,During the War,Marriage was outlawed! even tho,St.Valentine faced Jail, on Several Occasions, facing,Jail,he continued to Marry young Lovers/Couples in “SECRET”………..He was given this name in endearment,  for the Stand he took,and married as many, as came to him..Another Legend States,St.Valentine,While Jailed,Sent the “FIRST VALENTINE” Greeting Card Himself ,After he fell in Love,with the Jailor’s Daughter,who worked as a Volunteer, at the Jail,a Friend-ship began to develop,and the Rest is History!!!!!!!  He always sent her Valentine’s There-after,One Year he Thought he would change his Greeting,* and Wrote instead,”FROM YOUR VALENTINE” which Caught on like Fire!!An Expression still in use Today!!He was a True-Romantic*, Thus:”ST.VALENTINE DAY. 

       “Valentines’s Day Facts: Nearly,150 Million Valentine Cards are Exchanged Today!More than 40,000 Americans    are Employed at Chocolate Companies,Valentines’s Day is the Second most Popular Greeting Card-Sending Holiday,     after Christmas…. Valentine’s Day “Celebrates,” Love,commitment,and True Romance…It’s known as the Day for Lovers, A Day to Express True,Pure,Love.A Day for “Amor” Joy, Happiness with the one, who holds the Key* to your Heart!!! I’m the Original Romantic, So, I’m Ready for what is to Come,what is to Be.. My Home smells of Cherries,Rose, and   Strawberries,there are Roses,everywhere,it looks as if a Floral-Shop, Dropped down into my Living room/ Family room.. Cards, and Chocolates are Plentiful! Red and White in full Display,with that still “Christmasy”Feel. Simply Beautiful………..Red Heart-shaped, Balloons twist and turn in delight.. Love is Truly the Answer!!!! Live, Love, Laugh!!!!!blm 1957   Stay Inspired, Stay in Love,Stay Focused……. Love,Love.Love….  Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!!!!!!


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