**The Soul Train Creator** 1936-2012

            Sadly, I learned Today that “DON CORNELIUS’ was found Dead! at his California Home,in an apparent Suicide. He was 75, He was Born September 27,1936 in Chicago,Ill. My Sisters and I waited Patiently,every Saturday Morning for S  O  U  L  T  R A I N!!!!! (Don’s Way) lol.  I am the Dancer, in the Family,I’m just saying!lol.. My sisters Dance well also. But, I’m the Best!!.Duck! blm .LOL.  Soul Train, provided years of Sheer Dancing Pleasure, for Sooo Many.. Don,    Created*and Produced,Soul Train! The Longest running Dance*Show in History!! My Sister Called earlier, to see if I had heard the News of Don C’s,Passing, I replied Yes!sadly! As we Reminisced,back to our Teen/Age Years,Wow,We’re both  Talking over The Other! Together,we Say,as if on Cue,”REMEMBER THE SOUL TRAIN LINE”, The Soul Train Line! now,there’s a Line,Everyone knows about!! LOL. As, I remind her,Remember the Phrase, We Song! it went,”The Soul Train Line,(as you repeated loudly,Gotta Get A Line) aha Yeah!!lol.  Remember????? To The Guys: Yes, we waited for The Soul Train Line*,We wanted to show off our Figures,Our Outfits,Our Style!!!!!So We Practice for this Party/Event!!lol.I would Dance and Practice,until my mom instructed me,to go finish my Chores, Okay Mom..   THOSE WERE THE DAYS* !!!!!!! In Closing, Thanks Mr.Cornelius!!!You will never be Forgotten!!! I Wish You   LOVE,PEACE and SOUL!!!!!!!!R.I. P. Don C, 1936-2012..  blm 1957.. P E A C E……………………….


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