***BLACK HISTORY MONTH*** February 1-February 29 2012

          BLACK HISTORY MONTH, is an Observance of the History of the African Diaspora, in a number of Countries outside of Africa, Since 1976, it is Observed Annually, in the United States, and Canada.in FEBRUARY. Black History Month* is also, Referred to as African-American History Month. Black History Month was begun as Negro History Week,by Historian Carter G. Woodson in 1926. His goal was to Educate the American People about African-American History,focusing on African Americans’ Cultural backgrounds and Reputable Achievements,and to promote awareness of African-American History to the general Public.. African-American History is Taught to Thousands of Students at the Elementary,High-School,and University Levels Respectively…. (AAH) is an extremely important part of American* History,and it is almost impossible to find an America History Textbook,that does include Passages about Black History… Please, Contribute time with your Children,Church, and Friends,to Celebrate Black History Month!Be Inspired! to make a Difference,To all ,who have Gone before us,even, laying down their Lives,so we will/would have a Better Life!!!              INSPIRE*, Family, To Read,Write,even,Encourage them to learn “The Black National Anthem” singing the Song together,This also, makes for Great Family Bonding Time…the Title is “LIFT EVERY VOICE”,No matter what Color/Nationality…….We are all Americans… God Bless Us..Remember, 28 Days left, Do Something…. You will feel so Inspired!!!!!! blm 1957..hug your children,keep them close… thank you.. “Stay Inspired”…….


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