“Happy 4th.BirthdayBrennan j,” Bren, Geese,can hardly,believe that you are 4 yrs.old, 1 2 3 4. My New Grandson, Brennan J,Came into this World, on February 20th,2008.. We first, gave Thanks to God,for giving us, this Beautiful,fully Developed Infant! He was so Rosy,in Color, with shiny long Silky Hair,He finally opened his Eyes,revealing,Big,Marble,Shaped Eyes,However,what amazed us most,was how really long his Lashes were,for a New Born,he was the Most-Beautiful Baby, I had ever seen…Time goes by sooo FAST!! it seems,he grew up over-night. 1, 2, 3, 4.. Paw Paw,and I just love this little Guy….He is the Love of our Life…  At  2 weeks old, his Mom, was Bed-ridden, and needed Grandma and Paw Paw, to take care of our New-Born Grandson,To say I was Scared,Nervous,and wanted to back-out,( but, she needed us,as her Parents,live out-of-town) would be putting it Mildly!!Later,that Evening my son arrived,my Grandson,included,well,it was time to put our Grandparenting,skills to the test,and guess what? We passed with flying Colors!! as, I held this little Bundle of pure Joy..it was as if,I was looking at his Dad!!Wow..I bathe him,feed him,changed poo-poo Diapers, and loved every moment of it.. lol.We made changes, to his Dad’s  Bedroom,taking out shelfs,a TV Stand,and replaced it with a Handsome,Sturdy,Maple Thomasville Triple Bed  W/Dressing Table..While still keeping his Dad’s Treasure’s Displayed!!!From that Day to this Day,We continue to Care for him overnight,Every/Week End,(some things we take a Week off)lol.Their are Times we keep that Little Tike* for 2 Weeks at a Time,Loving every moment…We make sure he Eats Healthy! Bren, loves Most Fruits, really All Fruits,He’s a Great Eater……The Week before his 4th.Birthday,We purchased,”The CARS*Theme”,for the B-Day Party,5 Children Attented,.Along with Cousin, Lil Brad,they had a Ball,Fun,Fun.Childish Laughter,Running,Hiding, just sheer delight,filled the Air!!!We had Trouble,getting the little Ones, to understand after 5 Hours!!it was time for the Party to come to an End.lol.Bren,recieved,great Gifts,VTech Computer Clothes,Cars,Trucks,(he loves his Cars and Trucks) lol. As We Song “Happy Birthday” Around his  Boyish, Cars*4th.Birthday Cake,He closed his Eyes,and made a Short Wish, lol..As we handed each child their Goody*,Part/ing Bags,Thanking,their Parents for also Attending,We closed the Door and Survey’d the Damage,We could handle it..lol.In closing,I would like to remind every Parent and Grandparent to take Pic’s, Video’s,because,they Grow up SOOOO Fast!!! Brennan,grew up so Fast,He’s 4 Already..Wow..Bren, is Enrolled in Spanish Classes,Swimming Classes,and soon,He will Begin,Piano/Keyboard Lessons!!!It’s Never to Early to Start….Get them Enrolled Early!!!!We Love You Bren,Geese,PawPaw,Mommy,Daddy,Big Brother Davion,,and Lil Brad,Auntee and Uncle D. You are a Genius* A Perfect Gift from God,We are so Blessed to have You………blm 1957 hug your children,keep them close….. Stay Inspired!!!!!!!!!



~~WHY PRAY~~????????

                I, Truly Believe Prayer is the Key, to Hope,Change, and Renewed Faith.Prayer, can change a Hopeless Situation,into,Hope Abound, if we only Believe,Trust,and keep our Faith Lifted on High….      Prayer, is the way to Destroy all Fear!It is the way to Banish Sorrow,the way to light a Torch of Hope…It is the Revolution that Rewrites the Scenario of our Destiny and the Paths we Choose to Follow  in  this  Journey we call Life!!!!!!  Prayer is the Courage to persevere. It is the Struggle ,to Overcome our  Weakness, and Lack of Confidence in Ourselves,It is the Conviction that we can Change the Situation   without Fail.. Always Pray and never Cease……..blm 1957..stay inspired……                                                       


{ Words Of Hope }

                 When a Believing Person Prays,Great things happen!! Don’t Speak/Show ill Will against each other,Brothers and Sisters,for, if you Criticize each other,then you are Criticizing and Condemning God’s Law.Remember, You are not A Judge!! (Judge Not, lest you be Judged) So, many People are So Easy to Judge Others,Forgetting,But, for the  Grace of God,there go you!!! Stop being so Fast, to Judge,Speaking Negative, being unkind, to the less fortunate, Strive to be the One to make a difference in the lives of your Fellow Human-Being… It won’t Cost you Anything!!! I stopped a Lady yesterday,at my Local CVS, she was a Senior, counting out her Coins,  While, Earnestly,trying to find 75 cents,to pick-up her Prescription, as she looked and Searched, turning her Purse upside down,and all around. I Softly,walked up to Her, as not, to frighten her,and Gentlely, pressed a $10.00 Bill in her   Aging,shaky,Hand. She turned and looked at Me, as if I were an Angel,as,She asked in a low,weak Voice,Is this for me??? Yes, I said, I would like to give you this,as an act of Love,and Hope that good People, do exist Everywhere.People are all Basically Good,a few will do Something Stupid,and make One feel, there is no Hope, left   in the World! this, is Wrong,for there is Good, all around us.I would like to Inspire you, to do a Random act of Kindness,giving a person Hope!!! you can give a Dollar, Five, Ten,,Twenty, Whatever, you are lead  to give… or  you    can open a Door, Close a Door,Pick up your Neighbor’s Over-turned Trash can,Etc.Etc. Little things that Mean so   very much to someone…. Please, remember,Each Day provides opportunities, to put God where He belongs,as the center of our lives…when we do so,we Worship Him, not just with Words,but with Deeds!!And we become Dutiful,Servants of God…Be Cheerful no matter what,Pray do not Cease..Thank God, No matter What Happens!! This is the way, God wants us, who Belong to him to Live… KEEP HOPE ALIVE…..blm 1957..Stay Inspired… hug your children,keep them close…..


On Saturday February 11,2012,at 7:33pm I learned with a frantic Call from my Daughter,telling me to hurry,  turn to CNN, she shouted into the Phone,Mom turn,do you have it, she asked! A feeling of Gloom.a Sense of Bad News, I knew it would not be good News!  I held my Breath,and Turned to CNN, much to my utter dismay,SHOCK* for,all I saw was a Photo of Whitney Houston! along with 1963-2012, and too myself, I Scream softly,and Shout, God,No………….I have not been the same since!!!!! If you are a Regular Reader,of my Blogs,you know,I always give Background Info,on the Subject, this Time However, I just don’t have the Will* to write about Whitney’s Birth,Death,nor anything that made this Horror, appear Real!!! I Cried out to my Husband,hung up on my child,and informed Hubby to turn to CNN,as he to was watching his Favorite Channel(Basketball) he too,ran up the Stairs,to comfort me, and I him,for,we are huge Fans of Whitney!!! I have the Honor to Resemble Whitney,I’m always told this, (do you know who you look like,Strangers has asked) to which, I Reply, Whitney, Yes!! they say,to which, we all have a good laugh…I look like 1990-1996, Whitney, with myHair-Up, Tresses,Softly covering my Face…I always laugh because,even I can See,with the same Hair-Style,we look an awful lot alike…That “VOICE” the voice of an ANGEL, is  Silent,gone Forever,,this is Soo Sad,Tragic!but, God’s will, must be Done,as a women of Strong Faith, I    Don’t Question God!I will not Write anything Further about “Nippy” I will Just remember the Beautiful women She was,My Heart is Broken,but,I will be Alright! please Pray for Whitney’s Baby,She Loved her Soooo Much…Bobbi Kristina!! We are Praying for you,your Grandma and the Houston Family….  Rest Whitney,it was time for your Rest!!!  I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU…………BLM 1957..miss you already…..


          Happy Valentines’s Day 2012! “A DAY FOR LOVE” Every February 14th,Across the United States,and other Countries,around the World. Candy,Flowers,Cards,and Gifts are Exchanged between Lovers, and Loved One’s all in the   Name of Valentine’s Day!   “THE LEGEND” contends, that  St.Valentine,was a Priest who served during the third century in Rome,During the War,Marriage was outlawed! even tho,St.Valentine faced Jail, on Several Occasions, facing,Jail,he continued to Marry young Lovers/Couples in “SECRET”………..He was given this name in endearment,  for the Stand he took,and married as many, as came to him..Another Legend States,St.Valentine,While Jailed,Sent the “FIRST VALENTINE” Greeting Card Himself ,After he fell in Love,with the Jailor’s Daughter,who worked as a Volunteer, at the Jail,a Friend-ship began to develop,and the Rest is History!!!!!!!  He always sent her Valentine’s There-after,One Year he Thought he would change his Greeting,* and Wrote instead,”FROM YOUR VALENTINE” which Caught on like Fire!!An Expression still in use Today!!He was a True-Romantic*, Thus:”ST.VALENTINE DAY. 

       “Valentines’s Day Facts: Nearly,150 Million Valentine Cards are Exchanged Today!More than 40,000 Americans    are Employed at Chocolate Companies,Valentines’s Day is the Second most Popular Greeting Card-Sending Holiday,     after Christmas…. Valentine’s Day “Celebrates,” Love,commitment,and True Romance…It’s known as the Day for Lovers, A Day to Express True,Pure,Love.A Day for “Amor” Joy, Happiness with the one, who holds the Key* to your Heart!!! I’m the Original Romantic, So, I’m Ready for what is to Come,what is to Be.. My Home smells of Cherries,Rose, and   Strawberries,there are Roses,everywhere,it looks as if a Floral-Shop, Dropped down into my Living room/ Family room.. Cards, and Chocolates are Plentiful! Red and White in full Display,with that still “Christmasy”Feel. Simply Beautiful………..Red Heart-shaped, Balloons twist and turn in delight.. Love is Truly the Answer!!!! Live, Love, Laugh!!!!!blm 1957   Stay Inspired, Stay in Love,Stay Focused……. Love,Love.Love….  Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!!!!!!

**The Soul Train Creator** 1936-2012

            Sadly, I learned Today that “DON CORNELIUS’ was found Dead! at his California Home,in an apparent Suicide. He was 75, He was Born September 27,1936 in Chicago,Ill. My Sisters and I waited Patiently,every Saturday Morning for S  O  U  L  T  R A I N!!!!! (Don’s Way) lol.  I am the Dancer, in the Family,I’m just saying!lol.. My sisters Dance well also. But, I’m the Best!!.Duck! blm .LOL.  Soul Train, provided years of Sheer Dancing Pleasure, for Sooo Many.. Don,    Created*and Produced,Soul Train! The Longest running Dance*Show in History!! My Sister Called earlier, to see if I had heard the News of Don C’s,Passing, I replied Yes!sadly! As we Reminisced,back to our Teen/Age Years,Wow,We’re both  Talking over The Other! Together,we Say,as if on Cue,”REMEMBER THE SOUL TRAIN LINE”, The Soul Train Line! now,there’s a Line,Everyone knows about!! LOL. As, I remind her,Remember the Phrase, We Song! it went,”The Soul Train Line,(as you repeated loudly,Gotta Get A Line) aha Yeah!!lol.  Remember????? To The Guys: Yes, we waited for The Soul Train Line*,We wanted to show off our Figures,Our Outfits,Our Style!!!!!So We Practice for this Party/Event!!lol.I would Dance and Practice,until my mom instructed me,to go finish my Chores, Okay Mom..   THOSE WERE THE DAYS* !!!!!!! In Closing, Thanks Mr.Cornelius!!!You will never be Forgotten!!! I Wish You   LOVE,PEACE and SOUL!!!!!!!!R.I. P. Don C, 1936-2012..  blm 1957.. P E A C E……………………….

***BLACK HISTORY MONTH*** February 1-February 29 2012

          BLACK HISTORY MONTH, is an Observance of the History of the African Diaspora, in a number of Countries outside of Africa, Since 1976, it is Observed Annually, in the United States, and Canada.in FEBRUARY. Black History Month* is also, Referred to as African-American History Month. Black History Month was begun as Negro History Week,by Historian Carter G. Woodson in 1926. His goal was to Educate the American People about African-American History,focusing on African Americans’ Cultural backgrounds and Reputable Achievements,and to promote awareness of African-American History to the general Public.. African-American History is Taught to Thousands of Students at the Elementary,High-School,and University Levels Respectively…. (AAH) is an extremely important part of American* History,and it is almost impossible to find an America History Textbook,that does include Passages about Black History… Please, Contribute time with your Children,Church, and Friends,to Celebrate Black History Month!Be Inspired! to make a Difference,To all ,who have Gone before us,even, laying down their Lives,so we will/would have a Better Life!!!              INSPIRE*, Family, To Read,Write,even,Encourage them to learn “The Black National Anthem” singing the Song together,This also, makes for Great Family Bonding Time…the Title is “LIFT EVERY VOICE”,No matter what Color/Nationality…….We are all Americans… God Bless Us..Remember, 28 Days left, Do Something…. You will feel so Inspired!!!!!! blm 1957..hug your children,keep them close… thank you.. “Stay Inspired”…….