{Stay Inspired}

     Today is the last Day of the Month! we are now Entering into the Month of February! Wow! Time waits on No-One….. I must Admit, Today, I Felt a little Down!!!Ahhh!I Know, I must hold my Head up,and Move on,Because Somewhere, A person has Passed On, or Someone is Deathly Ill,So, Being that I”am Well, Whole and Complete,I’m Blessed,My Children are Well ,and Highly Favored.As well as my Husband, So I cannot Complaint,about Anything…..I Will Not!! For I’m Truly Blessed, So i Picked up my Favorite Book Of Blessings and Hope!!!!!!!!!!!  “THE BIBLE”  Be Cheerful,no matter what; Pray all the Time; Thank God No Matter*What Happens!! This is the way God wants US, Who Belong to Christ Jesus to Live…lst.Thessalonians: 5:16-18 msg……..When A Believing Person Prays,Great Things Happens…James:5:16 ncv…   “Please Stay Inspired, Living Each Day To The Fullest, Let Go and Let God,Carry U Thru The Storm Of Live.. God Bless  and Keep You in His Care!!!  blm 1957.. hug your children,keep this close. Always Walk In The Favor,*of God!!!!!!blm 1957……..


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