~~~Happy Birthday Oprah~~~

        Happy Birthday “OPRAH”Happy Birthday to You!!!  Oprah Gail Winfrey,was born,January29th,1954.Oprah was Originally named ORPAH! after the Biblical Character in the Book of Ruth,but,her family and friends could not Pronounce Orpah,so they Called her “OPRAH” instead!!!!!!!Oprah, was born in Mississippi… Ms.Oprah,is best known for her self/titled,multi-award winning Talk-show,Which,has become the highest-rated Program of its kind in History from 1986-2011.And for a time Oprah was the World’s “ONLY”Black Billonaire…yes, with a B!! lol…She has been ranked the Richest,   African-American of the 20th Century,and the most “Influential Women in the World”….. Go Team O!!lol……….. in 2002  “Christianity Today” Published an article called “The Church of O” because, of her “Influential and Spiritual Leadership” Oprah’s Show has Emphasized Uplifting and “Inspirational” Topics and Themes to which,”Viewers” Claim her Show has “Motivated” them to perform acts of Altruism,and Unselfishness,In turn,Making  Them Want to Do Something “Postive” Something,Anything to Help Someone in Need. No Matter how Big or Small, The  Giving……….. (What a Women)……..  I would Like to Loudly, Expressed,How Oprah has changed my Life,and my commitment to make a Difference in someone’s Life, To be more Thankful,to spread Words of Hope!!Her (Giving Spirit) is just Unbelievable!!! Her Numerous Charitable Projects! And Her True Love of GOD……I truly believe Oprah has a Place in “Heaven” for, A man shall be Judged* for his WORKS and DEEDS… Go Team O… Oprah  ask that Everyone Spread Kindness, and Love,She also, Supports,Our President!!! Everyone Should Support and Pray for Our President!!!!!!  Oprah, is my Hero!! I Respect and Admire Her! Oprah, is my Sister in My Head!!!lol..Years Ago,after,Noticing,how many Movies and TV Shows,Mention Oprah in their Scripts,I lovinly asked my Husband,Honey have You ever Thought how many Movies,or Shows, Say,”Well,Oprah said this or that!!” Does anyone know the Number??? Millions,Billions,I know!! Check it out!   start Listening how many People Reference Oprah!!! Listen….      My Husband will Laughinly, say while we are Watching a Movie or Show,Yep, honey they Said Oprah’s Name!! too which we both Laugh!!!! Guess what friends, My Beautiful Daughter,Gave me the Very Best Surpise ever,When after 3 Years of Trying to get Tickets to Oprah’s Show She finally got Lucky,and got 4 free Tickets,to the Show,Well, you can Quess,I was A wreak, trying to,wanting to Believe her,that we were indeed going!! My Husband was sooo Happy for me,as he knew this was At the VERY Top of my Bucket List..lol  We Arrived in Chicago,onFriday Febuary 12,2004, we stayed at The “Omni” Hotel, Wow,the Staff was so Attentive,and just Nice!!  We had to be there 3 hours early, so we Departed, Heading for the Oprah Winfrey Studio..Yes, we are Here, we stand in Line, Me, still finding it hard to believe we are Actually Here. We are Escorted to our Seats, the Studio is Large, Beautiful, Comfty Seats, I looked above at all the Bright Lights, and softly whispered to my Daughter, We are Here,We are Live at the Oprah Show!!! YES…lol..  Oprah finally appeared on Stage as we Screamed,Crying in Sheer Delight!! She Looked Beautiful in Various Shades, of Taupe! It was Oprah!!! the show was about (Make-Overs) her Staff.. it was Great!!! After, the Show we went to Dinner,in Down-town Chicago,the”Magnificant Mile” we Shopped,Sight-seeing,Ate from Vendors.and Shopped some more.I had the Best Time Ever At the “Oprah Winfrey Show”.. Thanks Oprah,my Hero, Happy Blessed Birthday.. A Forever Fan.. blm1957…. To this Day every Now and Again, I will Tell my Husband,(in a child-like) Voice, I was actually on Oprah’s Show to which, He Gently caress my hand, and says Yes, honey, you Saw Oprah Live! Wow!!!!!! Stay Inspired!!!


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