++++Count Your Blessings++++

        Count your Blessings,Name them One by One,Count your Daily Blessings To See What “GOD” has Done!!!!!!! As A Child,I Fondly,remember Singing this Song,However,I did not Understand nor Did I Realize Just how Powerful,and True these Words were!! but, I Song along with My Mom and the Congregation,This Morning when I Awoke,this Song was Ringing Deep in my Soul, I Smiled,thinking back to those long/passed Years,Faithful Still,Holding on to the Promise that if I Believe and Trust in God,Everything! Every Little Thing “WILL” be alright….. Amen….. Then, I began to Count my many Blessings,for, I CAN see what god has Done! To Wake up,to have the activity of my Limbs, Everything is Working! Praise God,I can See,Hear,Feel,Talk,Run,Climb,I Have Food, Shelter,A Nice Car{2} in Fact,and I Raise my hands in Thanks,as I Look where he has Bought me From!! He has Delivered me to a Place of Peace, My Bills,are Paid,(Thank You) for making Our Way,Thank you that Now*I can Loan and Not Borrow*,Father, You have bought me From A Mighty Looong Way…… I Count my Blessings for my Children and Grandchildren are Well,and Nothing can Detour us from our Blessings.God knows our Hearts, He knows all,He Sees all….What a Awesome God!!!!!As,I said,I’m always Amazed at God’s Goodness,his Mercy and of course his Grace,(Thank You)…We are in a New Year,and I shout Words of Thanks, that for 365 Days,last Year,He has kept Me and my Family,Out of theHospital,Unhurt,and with a Determination to Make It.We will make it, as Long as we keep God* FirstPlace in our Life!!!!!! Help me Father to be Loving,Truthful,and Real.People say one thing and do another,let me be True to You  and Myself!!! this is my Prayer….. Remember,to Count your Daily Blessings,and See What God has Done………Amen..blm1957..hug your children,Keep them Close….”Stay Inspired”………       Inspire Yourself!!!!


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