“Happy Birthday Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.”

       Happy Birthday Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. ( 1929-1968) Dr. king was Born January 15,1929.From a Early Age,he felt Called to make a Difference! Born and Raised in A Religious Home,His Father a Pastor,Church,was Second Nature…….He later Married Mrs.Coretta Scott King,to this Union 4 children were born. Yolanda,Martin the 111,Dexter,and Bernice……… Dr.King’s first televised interview,appeared in 1957,on the PBS Program,”The Open Mind”.Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize*in 1964.Dr. king led many Boycotts:The Montgomery Bus  Boycott,which began in December 1955.       some Leaflets distributed were: Don’t ride the bus.also,integrated bus suggestions,He Fought such a Brave Fight,for our People, and all People,(Civil Rights) What a Brave Man!! The Fear he must have felt,the unknown,yet he forged on,for he had a Call on his life,that would not let him Backdown,would not! Dr. King, I’m so very Proud of you, for, I don’t know if I would have the Courage to Lead such a Frightful Undertaking! What A Brave Man!!! I would be so very Proud to have you in my Family*so very Proud…….Today,we Celebrate, Martin Luther King Jr. Day,this date was created as a Holiday in1983.Every Year,Americans celebrate by volunteering,a Day of Service,Named for the Civil Rights Leader! My Daughter and I Volunteered at A  Women and Infant Shelter, We purchased items for Infants, Clothing and Diapers, and personal Items for the Moms!!It seemed like Christmas all over again…We felt such Joy, Love,and Satisfaction,to be able to see a Mother and Child Smile if only for that Moment but, Sharing with them, Things will change,Things Can and Will get Better!!! It Will….My heart was indeed Warmed.. looking forward to next year,to fulfill A Day of Service… Sadly Dr.King was assassinated at the Lorraine hotel,on April 4,1968,in Memphis,Tn. A Sad Day Indeed! In Closing,I say Thank you Rev.Dr. King, for making such a life-changing Effort for Man-Kind!! What A Brave Man!!!! RIP Dr. King…..blm 1957… hug your children,keep them close… What A Brave God-Fearing Man………..Peace……………. btw:Today is my Husband Birthday, isn’t that Special!! I think so.. Happy Birthday Honey,I love you Forever……


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