~~~~~Giving Of Thanks~~~~~ Psalm 138:1-3

                                      “THANK YOU! Everything in me says “Thank You”! Angel’s Listen as I Sing My Thanks!I Kneel in     Worship,FacingYour Holy Temple,and again I say Thank You!……Thank You for your Love,Thank You for Your Faithfulness;most Holy is Your Word, The moment I Called out,You Stepped In-You made My Life,Large with Strength!    Amen…… .I Think this VerseHas so much Meaning!Along with Powerful Words of Praise!!!!!!!!!  Are you Aware you can PRAISE* Your Way To Victory!!  “Give/Speak Words of Praise,and Watch how every thing Works Out For Your GOOD………..Stay Inspired!!!!!! blm 1957   Hug your Children,Keep them Close…….  Thank You Father……..


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