~~~~~Giving Of Thanks~~~~~ Psalm 138:1-3

                                      “THANK YOU! Everything in me says “Thank You”! Angel’s Listen as I Sing My Thanks!I Kneel in     Worship,FacingYour Holy Temple,and again I say Thank You!……Thank You for your Love,Thank You for Your Faithfulness;most Holy is Your Word, The moment I Called out,You Stepped In-You made My Life,Large with Strength!    Amen…… .I Think this VerseHas so much Meaning!Along with Powerful Words of Praise!!!!!!!!!  Are you Aware you can PRAISE* Your Way To Victory!!  “Give/Speak Words of Praise,and Watch how every thing Works Out For Your GOOD………..Stay Inspired!!!!!! blm 1957   Hug your Children,Keep them Close…….  Thank You Father……..


About blm1957

My Goal is to "Inspire" as many People,as I encounter,Please Pray for Peace.....
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