{{{{{{{Friday The 13th, Bring it}}}}}}}

     So, today is FRIDAY THE 13th!!!!! Three Friday the 13th,13 weeks apart,a RARITY!!!! It’s a Bad Year for People who Suffer from “PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA”- THE FEAR OF FRIDAY THE 13th!!! Three Friday the 13th happen every few Years.The last was in 2009,and the next is in 2015. It’s hard not to FEEL* something about Friday the 13th.It’s said 95% of People in the World are Superstitious about Something!!!!! and the Other 5% are Liars..lol. In Christianity,13 People attended “The Last Supper”before Judas’ Betrayal and Jesus’ Death on a Friday!!    Rapper,Tupac Shakur,died on Friday,Sept.13,1996,After,being Gunned down Sept.7th….  One Author States,”Friday the 13th Fears”are”Self-Fulling Prohecy”adding,there’s a “Strong Power in People Convincing Themselves Something Unlucky Will Happen”SIMPLY BECAUSE IT IS FRIDAY THE 13th”………… To Which, I Lift my Head high toward Heaven,knowing “No weapons Formed Against Me Shall ,Prosper” It Won’t Work!!! Amen…  Let Me Give You Good News, on why I Smile On  this Date, and Loudly Proclaim,Bring It!!!For, on A Cold November Evening,(guess the date) Again, On A Cold, blustery Day,”On Friday The 13th!! I gave”Birth, to a Beautiful,Healthy,7lb13oz,Baby Boy!!!! Yes, On Friday The 13th,at 4:49pm. WE arrived at the Hospital at 4:20,and He was Born,Crying as he Shivered,and waved his Arms,Crying loudly,as if to say,Yes, it’s Friday The 13th.and All is Well….Now can Someone Feed me??lol.Mommy,Nurse?? After this Great Blessing I never again Feared Friday The 13th,and I Never Will!!!! To God Be The Glory!!! blm 1957 …. Hug your Children,Keep Them Close!!!!


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