Happy New Year 2012! My Wish is that you will take time in this New Year to make a  Difference in your Life,or Someone Special,or even doing something Nice for a Stranger!  simply Holding open A Door about to Close in Someone Face, hold it for them,it want Cost you Anything!!!!!   Wow, can you believe it is 2012???? I never thought we would see this year,2012, seems like the Jetson’s,or the Space age!!!! However, it’s here.So I want to make the most of it,by making a Difference!! I Adopted A Family for Christmas,what a Wonderful Experience!!!! I will never forget the Sheer Joy and Thankfulness, they expressed,the Family could not believe a Total Stranger,Cared enough to make their Christmas Joyous and Meaninful..I will always keep them in my Prayers,and visit them at Christmas!!! they are truly a Deserving Family…..  Are you ready for this New Year? Ready or Not, It’s here…Do you plan to make Healthy Changes? Are you going to the Gym? I realize we are living in rough times,Lay/offs Abound, People are losing there Homes,ETC.ETC. but, let’s just remain Prayerful,and make the best of what we have.. If you have your Health,Your Children,Spouse, are Well,You are Indeed BLESSED…..Therefore,try your very best to remain Hopeful,as this too will pass…. Listen to your Children, if they are afraid or appear frightful of Someone Please! Listen to your Child, Watch them, I have a 3-year-old Grandson and a 5 month old GrandDaughter,who I would Die for, the thought of Anyone hurting My Babies,Wow,it would not be Nice!!! but, Abide by the Law,always, just Watch them,Hug them,Keep them close to you.. Love, Love, Them.and Guess what after you/we Spoil them we can send them back to Mommy and Daddy… lol.. my Grandson, is so Intelligent,he’s such a Delight and what a Looker!!!lol. I’m so happy,my Granddaughter,is a Sleepy Delight, they are such Beautiful Children,I thank God for them every Day,and pray for their Safety,as well as their Parents… So, HAPPY NEW YEAR, to you and your Family!May God continue to Bless You and Yours.. I’m running into a New Year,and the Old Years blow back like a wind that I catch in my Hair,like strong fingers,like all my old promises and it will not be hard to let go of what I said to myself about myself,I’m running into a NEW YEAR,and I Can and I will Live each day as if it were my Last.. Happy New Year…      Hug your Children,keep them close!!!  blm 1957


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