{Stay Inspired}

     Today is the last Day of the Month! we are now Entering into the Month of February! Wow! Time waits on No-One….. I must Admit, Today, I Felt a little Down!!!Ahhh!I Know, I must hold my Head up,and Move on,Because Somewhere, A person has Passed On, or Someone is Deathly Ill,So, Being that I”am Well, Whole and Complete,I’m Blessed,My Children are Well ,and Highly Favored.As well as my Husband, So I cannot Complaint,about Anything…..I Will Not!! For I’m Truly Blessed, So i Picked up my Favorite Book Of Blessings and Hope!!!!!!!!!!!  “THE BIBLE”  Be Cheerful,no matter what; Pray all the Time; Thank God No Matter*What Happens!! This is the way God wants US, Who Belong to Christ Jesus to Live…lst.Thessalonians: 5:16-18 msg……..When A Believing Person Prays,Great Things Happens…James:5:16 ncv…   “Please Stay Inspired, Living Each Day To The Fullest, Let Go and Let God,Carry U Thru The Storm Of Live.. God Bless  and Keep You in His Care!!!  blm 1957.. hug your children,keep this close. Always Walk In The Favor,*of God!!!!!!blm 1957……..


~~~Happy Birthday Oprah~~~

        Happy Birthday “OPRAH”Happy Birthday to You!!!  Oprah Gail Winfrey,was born,January29th,1954.Oprah was Originally named ORPAH! after the Biblical Character in the Book of Ruth,but,her family and friends could not Pronounce Orpah,so they Called her “OPRAH” instead!!!!!!!Oprah, was born in Mississippi… Ms.Oprah,is best known for her self/titled,multi-award winning Talk-show,Which,has become the highest-rated Program of its kind in History from 1986-2011.And for a time Oprah was the World’s “ONLY”Black Billonaire…yes, with a B!! lol…She has been ranked the Richest,   African-American of the 20th Century,and the most “Influential Women in the World”….. Go Team O!!lol……….. in 2002  “Christianity Today” Published an article called “The Church of O” because, of her “Influential and Spiritual Leadership” Oprah’s Show has Emphasized Uplifting and “Inspirational” Topics and Themes to which,”Viewers” Claim her Show has “Motivated” them to perform acts of Altruism,and Unselfishness,In turn,Making  Them Want to Do Something “Postive” Something,Anything to Help Someone in Need. No Matter how Big or Small, The  Giving……….. (What a Women)……..  I would Like to Loudly, Expressed,How Oprah has changed my Life,and my commitment to make a Difference in someone’s Life, To be more Thankful,to spread Words of Hope!!Her (Giving Spirit) is just Unbelievable!!! Her Numerous Charitable Projects! And Her True Love of GOD……I truly believe Oprah has a Place in “Heaven” for, A man shall be Judged* for his WORKS and DEEDS… Go Team O… Oprah  ask that Everyone Spread Kindness, and Love,She also, Supports,Our President!!! Everyone Should Support and Pray for Our President!!!!!!  Oprah, is my Hero!! I Respect and Admire Her! Oprah, is my Sister in My Head!!!lol..Years Ago,after,Noticing,how many Movies and TV Shows,Mention Oprah in their Scripts,I lovinly asked my Husband,Honey have You ever Thought how many Movies,or Shows, Say,”Well,Oprah said this or that!!” Does anyone know the Number??? Millions,Billions,I know!! Check it out!   start Listening how many People Reference Oprah!!! Listen….      My Husband will Laughinly, say while we are Watching a Movie or Show,Yep, honey they Said Oprah’s Name!! too which we both Laugh!!!! Guess what friends, My Beautiful Daughter,Gave me the Very Best Surpise ever,When after 3 Years of Trying to get Tickets to Oprah’s Show She finally got Lucky,and got 4 free Tickets,to the Show,Well, you can Quess,I was A wreak, trying to,wanting to Believe her,that we were indeed going!! My Husband was sooo Happy for me,as he knew this was At the VERY Top of my Bucket List..lol  We Arrived in Chicago,onFriday Febuary 12,2004, we stayed at The “Omni” Hotel, Wow,the Staff was so Attentive,and just Nice!!  We had to be there 3 hours early, so we Departed, Heading for the Oprah Winfrey Studio..Yes, we are Here, we stand in Line, Me, still finding it hard to believe we are Actually Here. We are Escorted to our Seats, the Studio is Large, Beautiful, Comfty Seats, I looked above at all the Bright Lights, and softly whispered to my Daughter, We are Here,We are Live at the Oprah Show!!! YES…lol..  Oprah finally appeared on Stage as we Screamed,Crying in Sheer Delight!! She Looked Beautiful in Various Shades, of Taupe! It was Oprah!!! the show was about (Make-Overs) her Staff.. it was Great!!! After, the Show we went to Dinner,in Down-town Chicago,the”Magnificant Mile” we Shopped,Sight-seeing,Ate from Vendors.and Shopped some more.I had the Best Time Ever At the “Oprah Winfrey Show”.. Thanks Oprah,my Hero, Happy Blessed Birthday.. A Forever Fan.. blm1957…. To this Day every Now and Again, I will Tell my Husband,(in a child-like) Voice, I was actually on Oprah’s Show to which, He Gently caress my hand, and says Yes, honey, you Saw Oprah Live! Wow!!!!!! Stay Inspired!!!


       I live in the Mid-West, I love God, Family and my Country.  I’m very Creative, A great Friend,and a good Listener. I Design,Wreaths (Door,Floral)  I also enjoy Landscaping!!!!! I love it! I enjoy Writing,Reading and my Volunteer Work.  Please keep Reading my Blogs, I thank you in Advance. blm1957,hug your Children keep them close!!!!!!!!!!  BTW: Im a Wife,Mother,and Grandmother…..

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++++Count Your Blessings++++

        Count your Blessings,Name them One by One,Count your Daily Blessings To See What “GOD” has Done!!!!!!! As A Child,I Fondly,remember Singing this Song,However,I did not Understand nor Did I Realize Just how Powerful,and True these Words were!! but, I Song along with My Mom and the Congregation,This Morning when I Awoke,this Song was Ringing Deep in my Soul, I Smiled,thinking back to those long/passed Years,Faithful Still,Holding on to the Promise that if I Believe and Trust in God,Everything! Every Little Thing “WILL” be alright….. Amen….. Then, I began to Count my many Blessings,for, I CAN see what god has Done! To Wake up,to have the activity of my Limbs, Everything is Working! Praise God,I can See,Hear,Feel,Talk,Run,Climb,I Have Food, Shelter,A Nice Car{2} in Fact,and I Raise my hands in Thanks,as I Look where he has Bought me From!! He has Delivered me to a Place of Peace, My Bills,are Paid,(Thank You) for making Our Way,Thank you that Now*I can Loan and Not Borrow*,Father, You have bought me From A Mighty Looong Way…… I Count my Blessings for my Children and Grandchildren are Well,and Nothing can Detour us from our Blessings.God knows our Hearts, He knows all,He Sees all….What a Awesome God!!!!!As,I said,I’m always Amazed at God’s Goodness,his Mercy and of course his Grace,(Thank You)…We are in a New Year,and I shout Words of Thanks, that for 365 Days,last Year,He has kept Me and my Family,Out of theHospital,Unhurt,and with a Determination to Make It.We will make it, as Long as we keep God* FirstPlace in our Life!!!!!! Help me Father to be Loving,Truthful,and Real.People say one thing and do another,let me be True to You  and Myself!!! this is my Prayer….. Remember,to Count your Daily Blessings,and See What God has Done………Amen..blm1957..hug your children,Keep them Close….”Stay Inspired”………       Inspire Yourself!!!!

“Happy Birthday Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.”

       Happy Birthday Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. ( 1929-1968) Dr. king was Born January 15,1929.From a Early Age,he felt Called to make a Difference! Born and Raised in A Religious Home,His Father a Pastor,Church,was Second Nature…….He later Married Mrs.Coretta Scott King,to this Union 4 children were born. Yolanda,Martin the 111,Dexter,and Bernice……… Dr.King’s first televised interview,appeared in 1957,on the PBS Program,”The Open Mind”.Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize*in 1964.Dr. king led many Boycotts:The Montgomery Bus  Boycott,which began in December 1955.       some Leaflets distributed were: Don’t ride the bus.also,integrated bus suggestions,He Fought such a Brave Fight,for our People, and all People,(Civil Rights) What a Brave Man!! The Fear he must have felt,the unknown,yet he forged on,for he had a Call on his life,that would not let him Backdown,would not! Dr. King, I’m so very Proud of you, for, I don’t know if I would have the Courage to Lead such a Frightful Undertaking! What A Brave Man!!! I would be so very Proud to have you in my Family*so very Proud…….Today,we Celebrate, Martin Luther King Jr. Day,this date was created as a Holiday in1983.Every Year,Americans celebrate by volunteering,a Day of Service,Named for the Civil Rights Leader! My Daughter and I Volunteered at A  Women and Infant Shelter, We purchased items for Infants, Clothing and Diapers, and personal Items for the Moms!!It seemed like Christmas all over again…We felt such Joy, Love,and Satisfaction,to be able to see a Mother and Child Smile if only for that Moment but, Sharing with them, Things will change,Things Can and Will get Better!!! It Will….My heart was indeed Warmed.. looking forward to next year,to fulfill A Day of Service… Sadly Dr.King was assassinated at the Lorraine hotel,on April 4,1968,in Memphis,Tn. A Sad Day Indeed! In Closing,I say Thank you Rev.Dr. King, for making such a life-changing Effort for Man-Kind!! What A Brave Man!!!! RIP Dr. King…..blm 1957… hug your children,keep them close… What A Brave God-Fearing Man………..Peace……………. btw:Today is my Husband Birthday, isn’t that Special!! I think so.. Happy Birthday Honey,I love you Forever……

~~~~~Giving Of Thanks~~~~~ Psalm 138:1-3

                                      “THANK YOU! Everything in me says “Thank You”! Angel’s Listen as I Sing My Thanks!I Kneel in     Worship,FacingYour Holy Temple,and again I say Thank You!……Thank You for your Love,Thank You for Your Faithfulness;most Holy is Your Word, The moment I Called out,You Stepped In-You made My Life,Large with Strength!    Amen…… .I Think this VerseHas so much Meaning!Along with Powerful Words of Praise!!!!!!!!!  Are you Aware you can PRAISE* Your Way To Victory!!  “Give/Speak Words of Praise,and Watch how every thing Works Out For Your GOOD………..Stay Inspired!!!!!! blm 1957   Hug your Children,Keep them Close…….  Thank You Father……..

{{{{{{{Friday The 13th, Bring it}}}}}}}

     So, today is FRIDAY THE 13th!!!!! Three Friday the 13th,13 weeks apart,a RARITY!!!! It’s a Bad Year for People who Suffer from “PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA”- THE FEAR OF FRIDAY THE 13th!!! Three Friday the 13th happen every few Years.The last was in 2009,and the next is in 2015. It’s hard not to FEEL* something about Friday the 13th.It’s said 95% of People in the World are Superstitious about Something!!!!! and the Other 5% are Liars..lol. In Christianity,13 People attended “The Last Supper”before Judas’ Betrayal and Jesus’ Death on a Friday!!    Rapper,Tupac Shakur,died on Friday,Sept.13,1996,After,being Gunned down Sept.7th….  One Author States,”Friday the 13th Fears”are”Self-Fulling Prohecy”adding,there’s a “Strong Power in People Convincing Themselves Something Unlucky Will Happen”SIMPLY BECAUSE IT IS FRIDAY THE 13th”………… To Which, I Lift my Head high toward Heaven,knowing “No weapons Formed Against Me Shall ,Prosper” It Won’t Work!!! Amen…  Let Me Give You Good News, on why I Smile On  this Date, and Loudly Proclaim,Bring It!!!For, on A Cold November Evening,(guess the date) Again, On A Cold, blustery Day,”On Friday The 13th!! I gave”Birth, to a Beautiful,Healthy,7lb13oz,Baby Boy!!!! Yes, On Friday The 13th,at 4:49pm. WE arrived at the Hospital at 4:20,and He was Born,Crying as he Shivered,and waved his Arms,Crying loudly,as if to say,Yes, it’s Friday The 13th.and All is Well….Now can Someone Feed me??lol.Mommy,Nurse?? After this Great Blessing I never again Feared Friday The 13th,and I Never Will!!!! To God Be The Glory!!! blm 1957 …. Hug your Children,Keep Them Close!!!!