I live in the Mid-West, I love God, Family and my Country.  I’m very Creative, A great Friend,and a good Listener. I Design,Wreaths (Door,Floral)  I also enjoy Landscaping!!!!! I love it! I enjoy Writing,Reading and my Volunteer Work.  Please keep Reading my Blogs, I thank you in Advance. blm1957,hug your Children keep them close!!!!!!!!!!  BTW: Im a Wife,Mother,and Grandmother…..



*TIS THE SEASON,-Translation-(it is) Being Old*School, I prefer Tis!!for, it is almost Christmas!!!!!!! As for me, Christmas is the most Joyous,Warmest,Festive,Wonderful, Spirit-Filled Days of the Entire Year. Just the Magical,    Mystical, Feeling of Christmas Brings out the Love in the, Hard/Hearted,Mean,Unfriendly Person,who never seems to have a Pleasant Word,right around Christmas Time, They too feel the Love,Hope and promiseof this very Special Day. Have You too Recognize this? If you are like me ,You began Going up in the Attic’s,Basements,etc. Pulling out those Treasured, Bulbs,Ornaments,and Hand/Made Gifts, our young Children Proudly made just for us,In Arts and Crafts.. The Red Velvet Bows, in Several Sizes..Strings and Strings of Lights, Clear and Multi in Color. I have so many Christmas Decorations, even I have to smile. I label Everything, so it is  easy to find just what I’m looking for, I stumble around Items I had forgotten, for Years We purchased a Live Tree! now, We have a 7ft. Artificial (pre-lit) One.It is Simply Beautiful!!!It takes me Three Days to get it just the way I Want……….Well,it’s up and looks like a Tree you would see in A”SHOWROOM”.It’s by far the Winner in the  Decorated Tree Department!! If I must say so myself…  Now, for the Shopping,I have Several Gifts,that I need to Purchase,(ASAP) My Sister and I Shuffle from the Mall, Speciality Shops,and at last we take a break, at the Food  Court, where we hurriedly,drink our Pepsi’s Down, like there is no tomorrow. Fries are hot , and Tasty. Pizza is Great! Time to finish up.. I’m now Home, Wrapping last-minute Gifts,I turn on the “Christmas Music” Let it Snow* is a Fav. Silent Night, Jingle Bells,All the Songs from Years Past,As I Sing along, I get a glass of Eggnog,Relax in Front of the Fireplace, Singing,smiling and just feeling a Peace that Surpass all……. I hope you and your Family like mine are getting ready for this Blessed Day,and never forget the real reason,for the Season,CHRIST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!  I’m in a great place now, I embrace the Peace,Joy and Wonder, of what is to come.Christmas!!!!!!  14 Days to go………….  I’m Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!! blm 1957 hug your Children,keep them closePlease pass this Post along to 5 people,Thank you.. Happy Hoildays………..