~~~~~Happy Blessed Birthday Queenn~~~~~~

        Happy”Blessed”Birthday Queen,”SO TODAY’S YOUR DAY”????lol. November 2nd, The Date of your “BIRTH”. God Chose this Date for his Special Angel*you! Queen, Iam so Proud to call you Sister! You have always been an “Inspiration”to me. YEARS AGO,    Remember,I would Visit you Every Weekend,Usually, Saturday Afternoons, I Fondly Reflex, on the Delicious,Hearty,Melt in your Mouth Desserts!! I Long /wish  we could relive those Days,NO, the Past is in the Past,Let’s Enjoy the Days Ahead, While always holding on to those Special Memories*We Shared. while, Eating then taking a brief break, All the While, You’d question me about the New,”Fine,” Well-Dressed,Suitor,I was Currently, Dating, If I had a Problem I needed Solved, I could Always Depend on You for an Honest and Just Opinion,Regarding my Circumstances.Thank you,I always Value your Judgement…..   The Other Things, I Admire about Queen, Is her Unwavering love for Her Children., Most Importantly, You are such a Beautiful Person,Inside and Out, And This is the Reason I Wanted the WORLD to know, Just How Much I Love You…And Quess What Guys, Queenn, and I are the only 2(two) siblings With NOVEMBER As Our Birth Month…Isn’t That Special!!!!!!!! I Love you My “SISTER”…….. blm 1957


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