Today,3 Elevens will Line-up on the Calendar.The Date comes along,once in a Century!or as my Best Friend,gleefully refers,to11/11/11 as the *Ultimate*Once in a Lifetime Happening!!!!!  Excited,Full of hope,Promise and Unfound Pleasure! I/We began Planning to renew our Vows, 9Months ago. What Better date than Lucky,11/11/11..Just the look and feel of the unexpected, fills One with Delight. my Husband of 38 years,seems just as elated as I. We are headed to Vegas*Baby, We had all Hotels,Wedding Renewal,Travel Arrangements Confirmed Months Ago. My husband,wavers,between Purchasing a New Tux’s,Or WearingtheTuxedo, He wore 38  Years Ago.And Yes, He still wears it Well!! after several carefully Debates on the Subject,we Unanimously agreed that He Should Purchase a New One,He and Our Son head for *President’s Tuxedo* Meanwhile,I Admire my Self/Designed Wedding Gown Hanging Proudly, White, Pure,Beautifully Cut,Small, Beads and Diamonds Adorn its Breath/taking Beauty…  11/11/11..Is a time of Rebirth,Renewal,and awesome Hopes and Passion for the Future!!! As, I Begin my check/off, making sure nothing Needed, is Leftbehind…..Yes, Everything is packed,Just waiting too see my Honey’s New Tux’s….I Carefully arrange our Luggage by The Front Entrance,as the Limo Service,is always Prompt………

On digital Clocks, the date will line up as 11/11/11,Please Also, never Forget it’s Veterans Day!! Do Something nice for a Veteran in your Community,or visit a V.A. Hospital, and Share A Little Love.God Bless them for their Service!!!!!!!!! Iam a true Romantic,so for me It’s All About 11/11/11.. Here’s Hoping you and yours make a Difference* Today!!!!!! for, this is truly a Rare Cosmic Accurance…We’re Departing now,I feel sooo Complete,as my Husband Gently,wipe away a silent Tear… Goodbye for Now…………….              blm 1957  11/11/11     God Bless America!!!   hug your children,keep them close.. Please pass this Post along to 5 people!! Thank You….



             Sitting in the grass,under the Stars by the Extinguished Fire.Sitting there after the last Trip with a jug and a Pail of Water,amazed at how long the wet logs continue to Sizzle,mistaking a Firefly in the Grass for a Spark! Confusing,as I look up,The SkyisBright,Thinking,though, About my Mother,Looking at the Brillant pricks of Light,in the Dark Sky,at the Dark Shapes of Trees,Darker than the Sky, they Stand up against. Thinking about how much I love that Which is no longer Visible, Telling my mother out Loud,then Softly,then very Quietly,Saying her Name, Mama, Mama,You Left Us,November12th. God Called You home!!! It’s been so long since,I last saw your Face! but, Mama, We now can go on knowing it was your Time, We Accept God’s will,for it must be Done,As I wipe away Salty Tears, I Calmly Whisper,I Let you go Ma,and I Promise to Raise my Children as you Raised Us. I Love you and Carry you in my Heart Forever and Ever!!!!!!!You were the Best “Mother” any Child could have in there Life… Speaking it to the Night sky,I Lovingly, say Good-Night and Thank You Ma..blm1957      BTW:(by the way) The Jug and Pail of Water,was Used to Clean My Mother’s HeadStone………………….Hug your Children,Keep them Close…………….

~~~~~Happy Blessed Birthday Queenn~~~~~~

        Happy”Blessed”Birthday Queen,”SO TODAY’S YOUR DAY”????lol. November 2nd, The Date of your “BIRTH”. God Chose this Date for his Special Angel*you! Queen, Iam so Proud to call you Sister! You have always been an “Inspiration”to me. YEARS AGO,    Remember,I would Visit you Every Weekend,Usually, Saturday Afternoons, I Fondly Reflex, on the Delicious,Hearty,Melt in your Mouth Desserts!! I Long /wish  we could relive those Days,NO, the Past is in the Past,Let’s Enjoy the Days Ahead, While always holding on to those Special Memories*We Shared. while, Eating then taking a brief break, All the While, You’d question me about the New,”Fine,” Well-Dressed,Suitor,I was Currently, Dating, If I had a Problem I needed Solved, I could Always Depend on You for an Honest and Just Opinion,Regarding my Circumstances.Thank you,I always Value your Judgement…..   The Other Things, I Admire about Queen, Is her Unwavering love for Her Children., Most Importantly, You are such a Beautiful Person,Inside and Out, And This is the Reason I Wanted the WORLD to know, Just How Much I Love You…And Quess What Guys, Queenn, and I are the only 2(two) siblings With NOVEMBER As Our Birth Month…Isn’t That Special!!!!!!!! I Love you My “SISTER”…….. blm 1957