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        Do you Realize that God,our Father,The Maker of the “UNIVERSE” sees all,knows all,even before we were Conceived,He already knew of   our Faults,Weakness,Pain and Heartbreaks. Although, He sometimes allow, Death, Illness, Despair,and Life-Disappointments to Befall us,There is a Way Out! … Continue reading

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           To get “SOMETHING” you never had,you have to do something you never  done;when,GOD, takes something from your grasp, He’s not Punishing you,but, merely, opening your Hands to recieve Something Better! The Will of God will never take you where … Continue reading

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Welcome Everyone!!!!

WELCOME,Thank You for taking time from Your Wonderful Day,To Read my Blog!!Thank You! Here, One will find,  Inspirational,Informative,and Thoughtful Insights,for your Reading Enjoyment….. No Topic,nor Subject, is off Limit!!!Please note, I realize,not Everyone will agree with me “Great” this is … Continue reading

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