Do you Realize that God,our Father,The Maker of the “UNIVERSE” sees all,knows all,even before we were Conceived,He already knew of   our Faults,Weakness,Pain and Heartbreaks. Although, He sometimes allow, Death, Illness, Despair,and Life-Disappointments to Befall us,There is a Way Out! Because, of his Love,and Compassion, He is always In Control! The Answer is quite simple, He is The “Sovereignty” God. He is always in Control! Thus, I remind you, Stand Tall, Shake Off life’s Woes’, Let go of those Heavy Burdens, Let Go, and Let God take Control of your Situation.How, you may ask? Its Quite Simple, Trust,Believe,remain Prayerful! Wait I say, on the Lord.. Walk in Faith, Pray to God,never Cease, because, He will Never Leave you. He’s right there, Anytime you need the Lord,He’s right there! Trust and believe for Redemption.God is in Control.Unprecdented, “FAVOR” Covers My Life, My Family’s Life,for which, Iam so Thankful… so very Thankful! You are also, Covered, recieve, your “FAVOR” It’s FREE! If you Believe,you have the Blessed Assurance, that God Controls your life, giving you Joy. Peace, showing Love. Just Trust Him. BELIEVE.. I Exalt Him. Thank you Father!!!!!!!!!!       Dear Lord,as we look to the Future,I place All my TRUST in You.If I become Discouraged,I will turn to you. If Iam Afraid, I will seek Strength in you.You are my Father,and I place my Hope and Trust in You..Amen… blm 1957



           To get “SOMETHING” you never had,you have to do something you never  done;when,GOD, takes something from your grasp, He’s not Punishing you,but, merely, opening your Hands to recieve Something Better! The Will of God will never take you where the “GRACE” of God will not Protect you..Something Good will happen to you Today, Believe it, Recieve it!!!! You are Special in God’s Eyesight! Also,Everyone in your Circle!! Meaning,Your Spouse,Children,Church Family and Close Friends………You are a “MAGNIFICENT” Person!!!!!!!! You Rock!lol. As You Travel,on this Sometimes “Challenging” Journey of Discovery,Take Time for yourself! “DO YOU” lol. Its Your Time, Remember, God’s Promise:” He Will Never Leave You, Nor Forsake You”……… Would You Please, pass this Post  along to 3 of your Friends!!! Thank You……Have a “Great” Evening… Peace………..blm1957…..  Hug your Children,Keep Them Close….

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