Hello dear friends,how is life guiding,directing,you as you travel through this mystery called Life? I hope and pray,you are remaining strong during these (Trying Times) never knowing what tomorrow,   will bring….As, Wildfires,Flooding,and Tornado’s,ravish,our great States, a feeling of total despair can overtake one if you don’t stop!! breathe,sit even, and Pray…Ask Jesus,to stay nearer to you and your family..I actually saw a house (on the evening news) floating down the local River,and,to my dismay,friends,It Was On Fire……..Unbelievible…..However,if you awoke this morning enclosed in your normal mind,you have your vision,you can smell,taste,and have no life-threatening illness,,no Pain,in your body,let me  inform you, if you answers yes to 4 of these questions,Smile!!! for you are Truly Blessed….If you are fortunate,to have your Home,(your family home)….along,with no flooding,no damages,be grateful…Remembering,to always pray for those in the storm’s path…We don’t always understand the Why’s,However,with Strong FAITH* One can take one day at a time,thankful,grateful,for life, joy,and above all your home,(your place of peace)..unfortunately,if you have lost all your belongings,through no fault of your own,I’m so sorry for the hurt,disbelief,and sorrow,I ask you again,please even in the midst of heart-break,Hold On,(I understand it can be difficult) remain,faithful to God’s word,remembering,Joy comes in the morning..Amen and Amen…The Month of June has certainly been a record-breaking Weather event,Historic,if you will,unprecedented,I pray for the Fireman,fighting these Hot,Wildfires,,God Bless Them..As well,everyone who bravely put your life on the line ,to save others,you are the True HERO….June,has always been a fun-filled month for me,as,I so enjoy Summertime…Thus,I will keep the Faith and I challenge you to do the same…It has to get better,It has too….Wishing you Faith,Mercy,and Peace…Look to the Heavens,for Jesus,will never* leave us..Never.. On this last day of June,think about the fourth of July,just around the corner,friends,and family,picnics,and family gatherings..God bless you and your family..Hug your children,keep them close…BLM1957………Happy June Birthdays Family.. Ko-Ko.June 8th,Nicky,June15th,San,June 19th,and My Big Brother George Jr.June 22nd,I miss you…R.I.P.  # never forget Orlando     # BET  #Jessie Williams



~~~THE END OF MAY,2016

 Hello friends, How are you and your family braving these trying times? Bad weather has destroyed our cities, counties,and States…My heart is filled with sorrow and sympathy,for those affected by the life-changing destruction…… My mind always wonder,what will these people do!!! For, they have nothing left,with visions,of loud howling,90 to 100 wind an hour winds… Total Destruction….Most neigborhood’s are “Uninhabitable..Lost,Destroyed,forever,the only hope is rebuilding!!(which most likely,will take years) to bring towns and cities,back to a simpler time..As well, I cannot phantom trying to live again, breathe again,when every thing around you is torn,cars,homes,trees,cover,the landscape,every where one looks you only find (pure devastation)…However,suddenly,my Faith kicks in,I look for the joy,grace,mercy,of Life,(your family is accounted for) your life has been Spared!!!! Amen and Amen…We do not understand Why awful occurrences, happen to us,also,our once beautiful community,gone in a blink of the eye……GONE…Clothes,are shredded,ripped,furniture,is broken as if a wood shredder,engulfed,any standing piece of wood,oak,and maple,twisting and turning,pulling, devouring any item left standing from these powerful,out of control,forces of nature….Often times, cars,trucks,are later found grotesquely hanging in a tree… My fellow American’s, my thoughts and prayers, are with you,in these Unreal,life-changing situations,Therefore, in these Last Days* of May* I wish every person who has been impacted by these killer Storms.Hope,Peace,A strong sence of survival,a willingness,to push forward,even when,you have become (Homeless) in a matter of seconds… I’m so sorry.. My thoughts and Prayers again are with you and your family…Instead,focus on your love-ones,(who You are Blessed* to hold,touch,and see)… Your Family.. You need them,they need you,and together,You will Rebuild,Regroup,Regain,and Recover……Amen and Amen….Lastly, these last days of May, find our great Country, in disbelief about our Voting rights, the Candidates,who are pursuing the Office of the President of the United States of America…Father, Help Us…We need you now!!!!!!!(I cannot believe the choices,the lies,the inexperience that  prevail.Thusly, the choice is our’s do we move on?? Yes!!! we Must,staying Prayerful,asking for guidance,and Understanding,in these troubling times,our final assurance is you,believing, that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”… Don’t give up/in..Take it to the Father,and leave your Burden’s there….Remember,Life is what we choose…The 4 R’s are so important…..Rebuild,Regroup,Regain,and Recover….For, you are Winner,As such,Winners NEVER Quit……Make the most of the last Days of May 2016, For, I know Joy, shall come in the Morning……….….Hug your Children, keep them close……..  R>I>P Cousin Ernest Reid,you will be missed…  BLM 1957………






Hello my friends,how is life Blessing you,as you Bless others,in your life? Well,it’s the “AWESOME MONTH OF APRIL”. April, my April……. Bringing April showers,to brighten our spirits,as beautiful bulbs emerge,smothering the landscape with brilliant color……As well, April,is the time nature awakes from its long sleep,to bring forth,such beautiful colors of Spring,and welcomes such an array of beauty….Spring Flowers,are beautiful and fragrant.Our changing season’s in the mid-west,have a profound effect on our plant and animal life,(a renewal cycle)…Some of my favorite early spring plants are,Crocus,Hyacinth,Tulips,   and of course Daffodils,zinnias,Cosmos,also,the fragrant Peony…..Therefore,as I gaze out-of-doors,sipping hot tea,I gently part my (Gomments/Drapes,)the scene never fail to disappoint,for,my Flower-bed is ablaze with brilliant,  colors of Yellows,Purples,and White…Aww,the sheer beauty of Spring…It seems to soothe my soul,mind,and my Spirit,as I become further,Disgusted with the current Political Parties… What is going on???????Donald Trump,Why? Are you aware you are a Bully? I’m very serious!! As my family and I watch,the Debates,Interviews,I’m Disgusted and Ashamed,where my beautiful,loving,Country is headed..At this point I’m undecided,who to Vote for,who to BELIEVE,Trust…I love my Country,our Freedom,Rights,and above all a chance to become whatever you chose to become…God bless America..Ted Cruz,Hilary Clinton,I’m just not buying it friends?? Friends?Not so,you all have really tested my trust and safety for the Future of our Great Country….I listen to the Donald with puzzlement…(He Started* it first)Pardon??? As Anderson Cooper,stated, that is something a 5-year-old would say…Thanks Silver Fox……D>T> please stick to Business,I like you much better in a Business Setting….(My Opinion)..I love your Children..Great People…Often times,One must,find that  quite place, to seek peace and clarity..Thus,I find solace in the 4 Flower Gardens,I and Hubby maintain.Today is cloudy,somewhat humid,and a little dreary ,Yet, I pray for my Country,and all citizens of  the U>S>A>..As,I remain hopeful that this too shall pass,I stay focus on my family and my beliefs..We can all make life what we want by keeping the Faith,Praying,for Peace,  Safety,and Strength,while staying True*to our selves, making right decisions,in these difficult times..Friends we are indeed leaving in sometimes frightening days..Thusly, I chose to leave “Politics” behind today,as I prepare to venture outside to repair broken vines,clear any stray debris,clean and lift my packed mulch,it has become dull and just drab, I think I lifted the mulch by 5 inches at the most,it looks great.I feel my body, mind, relax,as I lift,clear,and beautify my front flower bed,I feel better,as Calm over-takes me…I love April,I know Spring is here,and in a month or so,warmth,and Sunny days will arrive shortly their after..April my April,I love you,for the best is yet to come,I’m going to enjoy April, May,and June….Yes!!! I just want to be HAPPY*…I will be Happy…Will You???Focus,on the days ahead,for Summer is just around the corner….Yea!! your children keep them close….Amen and Amen…April,my awesome April….. April Birthday,My Dad,April 22nd.Love and Miss you Dad… R>I>P>blm1957




Hello friends, are you in a positive place today on this of February,(A Leap Year Bonus) an extra day…….Yea!!! I hope like me, you are taking/enjoying this extra day,to find yourself,to rediscover your place in life,your dreams,your calling……I’m volunteering my services today at the Red Cross,collecting,and sizing New Blankets (I ask my family and friends to buy 2 Blankets, small and full/queen Every two months….However, (I only ask those who I know can afford to do so)….As well,These collected blankets are for families,of fire,or loss and need…Friends, what are you going to do with this extra* 24 hours today?Are you going to Embrace the Day*or, Sleep* it Away? I beg  you, Seize,* Today, take these bonus 24 hrs.hold yourself tightly,as you love yourself,because of you!!! the loving person you’ve become…… Thus,make it ALL about you…After, you inform your friends and families,of your taking of this day,February 29th.for YOU…….If you live alone great…lol….If like me, you have family,and a hubby..(Greater)-sigh-If you work,or are a stay at home mom.Again, (take the day) I informed hubby and children,(all grown) and grands,that Monday the 29th,the bonus day,was all mine,they were fine with this…I love….As I sit alone in my quiet home devoid of people and issues..Awww,the Peace!!!!This is what makes me happy,Joyous,and in the best place one can experience…..A place of Joy and Peace….As, the delicious aroma’s from my scented candles, 15 in total,of every fragrance, engulf my huge bedroom,I have satin pillows,of differing sizes,colors,arranged over the floor,a comfy,cozy,chaise longuer,sit’s prominently, in the corner,I slide/roll, it in the center of the room,as I  sink deeply,into the heavily cushioned seat,I prepare to  give myself a Mani/and Pedi….I love it…(As Im a germaphobic) (I will do my own,nails,and toes,thank you very have at least 10 colors,on one pillow,as I struggle to decide…Soft relaxing music fill my ears/mind with happiness, and smiles,from days past…After,prayer and meditation,I feel such JOY* I want to express my thoughts on finding/having Joy in my/your life beginning today*,and forever…This Bonus Extra Day!! The Power Of Joy- When we don’t feel well,it’s easy to feel down in our spirits,as we love being active and healthy.The blues can be a powerful thing,(fight it) over-come it…You Must!!If you have small children,tweens,teens,that’s even  more of a reason you have to make it…As well,there’s something more powerful than the blues,It’s the power of JOY…Joy isn’t dependent on our circumstances,It’s a Choice I/You can make- a choice to laugh with those we love,a chance to focus on the good..A choice to trust in the love of God as he will always bring us into brighter/better days….A truly happy smile brings Joy to my heart…Amen and Amen….Enjoy this Bonus Day…… your children,keep them close…. blm1957…# 29 Days

~~~AS FEBUARY 2016,ENDS~~~

Hello friends, how are you and yours? In as much,as winter is one of my favorite seasons, I can honestly say,I cannot wait for spring to arrive…At times I’m sad on dreary days, and in desperate need of sunshine and warmth.Although, I refuse to complaint due to the terrible storms,tornadoes,and senseless deaths, occurring,in Kalamazoo,Mi. and Kansas…..One can easily become, depressed,despondent,as feelings of hopelessness at times bring thoughts of just* throwing in the towel….. However, in times of despair,we need to trust in our Faith,especially,when things look bleak and nothing seems to be going RIGHT!!!! Hold on,take a breath,sit,if needed,Focus*,(find your quite place) mediate,and Pray…As, peace* begin to surround you,concentrate on better days ahead,for, as long as we have faith,sound mind,and determination, we/you can make one more day,(one more day) Another,day* to get it right!! whatever, challenge you, or a love one are facing, whether,life-threating or a sudden delay in plans, please remain in a place of I am,I can, I shall…For,the bottom line is you must make the difference in (your) life..(You Control Your Own Destiny*)….Depend on Yourself…It’s alright,however, if you need Assistance,after trying to work it out alone…..Go on!! ask,your spouse, child,parent,etc, to come through for you,this Time*……Moreover,remember the old* phrase..(God bless the child who’s got his* own)….File this thought… For,IF*it is, no one can take it away*from you…… No one!!!Strive,to fulfill your goals,reach your dreams…. A World Class Education,Is So*Important Yesturday….And Today,in the 21st. century…. Education,(Is the Key) to a Future,filled with your heart desires…As well,you can negotiate, your desired Salary*as you apply for your (Dream Job).Isn’t that great?? (Only In America) # U.S.A…lol.Therefore,in the LAST Days, of the Month of Feburary.2016,I sincerely hope,I had written a word,a thought,to Inspire* you to keep God First place, Also,Education, and Service,(helping others)a must….Keep your Goals,and Dreams Alive…..Upon Completion,you will feel so proud of yourself and the person you’ve become, and (Rightfully So)!!!Lastly, I wish only Goodness, Mercy,Safety,and Peace,to you and your,hug your children,keep them safe… # Black History Month 2016 …..R.I.P. Cousin Sam,you will be missed….. 2/5/16…..

~~~~#BLIZZARD 2016~~~~

Hello friends,how are you and your family surviving,this #Blizzard of 2016???? Here in the mid-west,we are currently dealing with Cold Temps,the blizzard, heavy Snow,evaded us….Amen..However,the East,and North East,got piles,and piles of the white stuff..Feeling helpless,and sad for all our citizens,in the path of this turbulent storm/blizzard…I felt the meteorologist’s really tracked the storm with truthful,informative, reporting,thus,allowing ample time to hunker down,rush to the grocery store,hardware,and any other ware!!!lol.. you have to visit,however, please (STAY INSIDE)…….Early this morning, after Prayer and Meditation,fully dressed now,I walk over to my side entry door,to let (Ge’Ge)our poddle, out for her duties. lol…As I opened the door slightly,a bone-chilling,wintry,blustery,burst of cold air,engulfed me,boy,the wind was gusty,howling,as it snapped off small tender foliage,I called Ge’Ge ,she ran in with no hesitation!!It was as if ,she thought you only have to call me once….lol.Reaching for the remote,the weather reports,were showing what had transpired,as we slept,it did not look good…Hopefully, people, had everything in order,ready to move,run,evacuate,at any given moment…As well, have fresh batteries,working  flashlights,candles, food,(Canned Goods) can opener,(hand-held)manual,*along,with several cases of bottled drinking water..Your car should always have a Full* tank of gas, also, washer fluid,for clean, clear windows, as you drive in at times white/out conditions…You never know how long it will take, if God-forbid you get stranded…Keep extra clothing for each family member,extra phone charger,socks,king size blanket,protein bars,easy/open fingerfood…Idealistically ,(the water will melt) hopefully!!!!Also,crackers,etc, etc….Add gloves,for frosty fingers…Additionally,for the home,a (am/fm) storm alert radio,should be ready, in case of wide-spread power-outages,that could ultimately,unfortunately last for 1 or 2 days,or a week or more…With so much piled/up snow,10/32 inches in some areas,,One has to wonder, where the piles of now gray,brownish/black,dirty snow final resting place will be??? Will another spring/summer Flood* once again bring destruction,and reap havoc,on our friends on the east coast,and beyond? leaving helpless citizens,homeless*and in disbelief,as they ponder,where the family will go from here?? It is a deep situation…Flooding,* rising water,just the thought,frightens me,I can only imagine how scary,the rising,swiftly moving, murky water must fill one with panic, causing,death,fear,and deep despair on/to my fellow Americans….God bless us/them, we ask for your Mercy Father,in these trying,unbelievable days,and unknown times ahead of us……Friends,Climate-Change* is real,and we are living it daily/weekly,2015*,was the warmest/hottest year in recorded history,(Record-Breaking) even……As the East-Coast clear out/clean up,days of shoveling snow is ahead,I hope you have a snow-blower,and 1 or 2 shovels in varying sizes….Keep the Faith,Pray,and see the good,make it a family affair,gather your children together,and make a day of clearing snow,making snowmen,angels,in the snow,sledding,and tubing..Turn,the despair into fun and joy,as you can once again see your brown, spring is just around the corner…God bless and keep ..hug your children,and keep them close….Blm 1957 …..#Blizzard of 2016  Peace…#Family-Bonding


Hi friends,how are you and your family surviving these cold frozen days of winter 2016….Do you find your skin DRY*and dull? even, Older looking,itchy,flaky,and just, Drab!!!!!….Well,my friends,I would love to past along some Helpful Tips, and Suggestions,to revive,your suffering Skin,making it once again, supple,moist,and soft…..Firstly,the air,and cold dries out our skin…Therefore,can everyone say “Moisturizer”?? If you have the misfortune of Dry skin,you should slather yourself with a (daily) Moisturizer,it is particularly important to do so immediately after you shower,or bathe,better results are had if you apply your favorite lotions,coconut oils,while your skin is still Damp…..If you shower or bathe too often in winter,you strip the natural oils from your skin,thereby,causing your skin to become dry,dull,flaky,and itchy….Hot water also robs the skin of Moisture,(I Love a Hot* Shower)however, I have to adjust the temperature accordingly…. It saddens me to see my once supple,smooth,soft* hands,now older,rough and dull,it hurts,it seems some lotions only make them drier,I had a health issue,in which,one of the side-effects were my skin would probably no longer have that smoothness,suppleness,and took a new attitude to help me get on with my life, even when the luxurious,most expensive,creams and lotions,seem not to work,as they did before aging,(how-ever slightly)lol…However,I’m so blessed to be alive,until I refuse to let this one (little) problem stop/hinder the love I have for myself,I soak,rub,then apply 2 extra coats of lotion/cream and keep it moving….if your skin is really sensitive,try unscented soaps,and lotions,they work well in the cold winter months,those delightful smells,will just have to go a little further back in drawer/shelf,until spring/summer…..As well,drink plenty* of water,all fluids,this will help keep your skin moist from the inside out..Lastly,avoid scratchy,coarse,rough fabrics,such as wool,as it can make skin feel itchy….Choose cotton or silk,for the softness..Try running a Humidifier,in your home, aim for a humidity level of 45-55 degrees…Here’s to smooth,soft,supple skin,with main focus on hands and feet…Good luck,and remember to Always Moisturize,for,soon this Cold to shall pass!!!!blm …hug your children,keep them close…blm1957…Your skin is getting softer with each passing day,if you follow these simple suggestions/tips…..Peace…