Happy “Independence Day” commonly known as the Fourth of July,is a federal holiday in the United States,commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4,1776,declaring independence from The Kingdom of Great Britain,(now officially known as the United Kingdom) parades,grilling,barbeque’s,family gatherings,red,white,and blue decorations,can be seen all over the city,and our country..Everywhere,America Flags,are blowing in the wind,we have 3 flags on our property,large, medium,and small…However, the big bang comes at dusk,after/when the sun goes down,the greatest event of the season occurs!!!!! FIRE-WORKS~~~~~ yea….Firstly, let me express my feelings on this joyous,happy* food-filled ,loud,family day,the fourth of july…As a youngster,6,7, yrs…The 4th,always meant a day of fun,food,friends,and Family…….My mom and her 4 sister’s,headed out to our local park-fondly named,(LOWER-HURON PARK) they arrived at the park by 5:00am,to secure their area,as,we needed 5 to 6 Pinic-Tables,for the whole Crew….lol….we were all one-together,yes, “We Are Family” lol…I loved seeing my aunts and uncles,from 3 different States…Cousin’s,of all ages,(we have so much to catch up on) (boys)..lol…My mom look forward to seeing Sister’s from Ill.,Ohio,and Florida…Our home was spotless,for now…(who cares).lol….At the park,which is always jammed-packed on the 4th,there is also a beach,located at the rear of the park..Always  clean,the water a clear sky blue, the sand, clear and packed,waiting on sand castle’s and dunes to be constructed….We often, had to pass up a trip over to the beach,as over-crowding,was a huge problem….Therfore, we remained,in our area,playing games,riding the swings,playing horse-shoes,running,and race’s….Now, this was Fun!!!!! Secondly, the Food, it was the best assortment of edibles,one could ever imagine,for, we had any food you dared dream of….Meanwhile,years has passed…My Dear Mom, and 4 aunts have passed on, 2 uncles also..-sigh-(sadness over-comes me) o.k. I can move on…I now have 3 grown children,4 grandchildren,and on this Fourth of July 2014,2 of my sister’s and brother-in-law’s are visiting from Atlanta and Florida,3 nieces’,2 nephew’s,are here also..I smile as my now grown daughter, expressed how she could hardly wait to see her favorite cousin,from the ATL.(they wanted to talk about men,children,life) “Sound familiar”????? lol..The world goes around and around…However,some things remain the same.. Our Family remains the same…Praise Jesus…Well, the sun is going down,it’s 8:15,pm. the little-ones are so excited,for, they know it’s “Fire-Works Time…..We only have child=proof works,for the little-ones’s,however, the older teens have all sort of fire-works,some look scary,and loud….Loud….. Here’s to another 4th.of July,it’s a beautiful sunny,airy day,not a cloud in the sky…….God Bless America……Blm 1957,hug your children,keep them close,protect them,inspect, what Fire-Works,are being lit..Stay Safe…… Happy 4th. of July…#Happy Birthday America… Lastly.Happy “16″ Birthday, First-Daugther…… Peace…blm1957@wordpress.com.. 

~~~~~THOUGHTS ON JULY 2014~~~~~

            Hi my friends and family,If you are like myself,you are amazed that (OMG) why, its July* already……..I can clearly remember,as if it were yesterday. Gleeful,for the “New Year,” joyfully and with much anticipation turning my new*2014 calendar to the month of January………Now, 7 months later, a little wary, fighting to keep the Faith* (at all cost) knowing, Jesus, (Did Not) bring me this far in life, TO LEAVE ME…..AMEN & AMEN…..  Touching me on those days, when I just wanted to give up*…For, I was just tired………….However, I can now report, ‘ALL IS WELL’ I’m alive,healthy, with a Home to reside in, Food to eat,(every thing I like)…lol… No Pains rake my body,(Nor, my husband and children,grandchildren)…Bills, are paid!!! what a Blessing,and I’m indeed TRULY* grateful for the Favor of Jesus in our lives…..It has not* always been Harmonious,and Easy.Thus, I’m so Thankful and Grateful…..As, I looking how I have Grown* in this phase of my life….Thank you Father…..Forgive me friends,as, I had to get that off my Chest)….As well, when I arose this morning, watching the morning news,(the first 4 stories,were about death…..Shootings,hit&run,and car-jackings…(my heart cried out) for the News today is filled with shootings, violence,(that makes one only shake your head,at the Senselessness of it all…Last night 2 miles from my city, a 3 years old child,(baby) was murdered,as she innocently played with her older sister,in her front-yard….Her own yard friends..Her older sister was shot in the leg… ,it is being reported, one of her father’s friends was the shooter,A little girl gone to soon!!!!! Jesus,bless this family in their time of despair..In the mid-west,rain,floods,of record-breaking heights,are being recorded.Out west,the Heat is raging,with temperatures,ranges in the 3-digits,Fires rage,some destroy homes…Moreover,these are beautiful homes,(I can imagine the owner’s delight as they designed and discussed their vision for this new home,and within, an hour,the once Lovely home is/has burned to the ground……….Never, forget how easy it is to become (Home-less) Can you imagine becoming Homeless????? It is happening every-day folks,Help them Father,make a way,open a door for them,ease their hurt,loss, disbelief,and the thought of Where Do We Live Now!!!! Please do not take for granted your blessings,(count them) remain Thankful,try to donate to a shelter,or the Red Cross,when you hear of a family burned out of their home, losing Everything,Everthing…Wow..I,speak words of thanks,for all my blessing,even,a shower,in my private home is a blessing to/for me,for, it means so very much when you can shower, without any assistance..etc.etc..Lastly, I would like to encourage you to stay focus,pray,increase your faith,pray some more…lol… Laugh..Be Happy, in spite of, for, I guarantee you,somewhere,someone is far worst off!! than you..Thus,in this Summery,month of July,stride to make it,help someone in need,share the love,and watch how your blessing flow,keep your Doctor’s Appointments,check your blood-pressure,heart, talk about your health with your Doctor…. I wish you perfect-health,and peace to you and your family,this summer in July….And always..hug your children,keep them close,blm1957@wordpress.com Believe…Peace.. blm 1957 # July 2014


Hello, It’s the Joyous month of “June” the sixth month of the year……… It seems highly unbelievable that in just 6 months,the merry month of December,(Christmas) will visit families and friends again…….Moreover,June, has always been that half-way point on our 12 month calendar.Also,this Happy*month, brings about so many changes, be it,summer,the ending of another school year-graduations,weddings,and vacations etc.etc. Therefore, I, gleefully await June’s arrival each year…….. Knowledgable. of the fact, we will be attending 2 graduations,(High-School and Pre-School)-sigh-..lol..this month,(my niece,and grandson) Niece-June 9th.Grandson-June 12th.I’m excited about both,however, my grandchild, what a passionate feeling,to think,it seems like only yesterday,I held his tiny,help-less,precious, body so very close to my heart….Instant love……For, I love him so much,all 4 of my grandchildren,are precious…………Also, my nephew,is getting married,to his child-hood sweet-heart,awww!!! I known her,all her life,I watched as she grew, into the beautiful,intelligent,women, she has become today,and I’m so proud to welcome her into our family officially on Saturday June 21st.My sister is so excited,…Tenario jr,(my nephew) is her only child,thus, the idea of gaining a daughter,Thrills,her endlessly….lol…I love to behold her happiness, planning,and shopping,making repairs to her already spot-less,well-kept home…That’s my sis……..-smiles- June- “A TIME OF CHANGES” Summertime, is here…And it seems no matter what/or when, suddenly,your mind goes back to your child-hood years……-A simpiler time,(No GUNS*) to settle a really* harmless fight, you made up,and moved on….It was a Peaceful time….Yes, their was a break-in,robbery,fight,maybe, once a year…No biggie…No Harm Done!!! None intended!!!!No cell-phones,Ipod’s,lap-tops,texting,emails…what a “Simple” life,I had and enjoyed…..Today,we are faced with so much Evil,Darkness,and Despair……One could/can, easily give-up/give-in,but (DON’T) must Push*forward always,making the month of June,a joyous time,remaining,cautious,of our surroundings,as we attend,Graduations, Weddings,Picnic’s, Reunion’s,be careful on Vacations,(make plans ahead) Follow Them.. (keep your Cell-fully Charged) write/text,where you are…Call your mom,(truth  be told) dad,would love a call also,(Not, just when you need Money)!!!!!!lol….If you are in a group,or just 2 people!!! Stay together…Lastly, Please, as I always,tell my Children,(NO DRINKING AND DRIVING) Please, I beg of you,have a Destinated Driver…PLEASE…Buckle-Up,Pray,and keep moving,in this beautiful month of June……So much to do, so much to see…..Enjoy,Stay Safe….Make a Difference………I love the month of June,for it holds So Much Promise……….And Changes……hug your children,keep them safe….blm1957…………… Peace,Love,Joy… blm1957@wordpress.com  -June Birthday’s : June 8th-Kourtney Alexis M. Nana loves u.Ko-Ko -June 19th-Ny Dear Sister San,Love&Hugs, June-22nd.My Oldest Brother, George Jr.I love you,I Miss your face,seeing you, talking to you,your visit’s every Sunday!!!! Sad……RIP….Lyn…..-June 27th-Ernest j-(Poo)- oxo-& My Dear Aunt Themla..(T C) RIP……(June-26th-Sweetness) Josh Aronld 3…JA3….


~~~~~~ARE YOU A GOOD MOTHER ~~~~~~

                    Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s around the world……..After waking  this morning,pausing to pray,thankful to have been Blessed to witness another “Mother’s Day,2014…I began to look over my own live,as I was raising my children…My children are late 70′s,early 80′s babies….My how things have changed,in the 21st.century…….Thus,I decided to write about Quote/Unquote” Are You A Good Mother???? Firstly, are you a good Mother, married, your husband makes 90,000 yearly,Thus,allowing you to stay home with your children,teaching them morals, values,socialization,sharing,and caring for their siblings and little friends,stressing the importance of education,always, answering questions that arrive,even if at times, it makes you uncomfortable…On the other hand are you a “Good Mother” if you are the (Sole-Bread Winner) single,unmarried,and lonely???Yet, you wake early,after another sleepless night, lone-some for companionship,help with the children,a partner to help with bills,discipline*, P.T.A. meetings,after-school activities,(at times) 2 to 3 school’s are involved,however, you are there right on time…..for your love-bud’s…..-Does this make you a good Mother???????? Does it make you a “Good Mother”if you are middle-class,married,you both have to work,to maintain your style of living,although,you never seem to have enough money for little extra’s,your bills are none-the-less paid,(some months a few days late,however,they are paid…….You have family day,every friday evening,after dinner,where each child can express any grievance,worry,idea,or new ways to improve the family bonding time..Afterwards,as you tuck each child into bed,placing a soft kiss on your little one’s(2yrs.) head,gently placing his favorite stuffed animal into eager little arms,as you,turn to leave,quitely,turning off the night-lamp,as you depart…..Now,comes the drama……..for you have tweens*(help) of course,Mandy, is still on her cell,after being told it time to hang up,(yeah right)lol..as your once sweet,kind,child now 14,(know’s Everything*)rolls her eyes upwards,really Bored!!!finally,she says goodbye,you say good-night,however,you do not hear a reply!!! yet,you still say good-night,sweetheart,and close her bed-room door…(and you nabbed her cell,as you walked out)….lol……Now,here comes trouble, your 12-year-old, who is having learning difficulties,still playing video games,after,being told by Dad,to turn off all games…But, No!!!!!He has to mumble,roll his eyes,snack his mouth and (try) to talk back..Hold on buddy,I hear Dad,as he fastly,with sternness,in his voice, demand,Tim, turn off that game Right Now!!! without,another word, obedience,prevails………Thank God for Father’s……Mom,(with a Mother’s love) give Tim a kiss on the cheek,as she tells him for the 100th. time,Timmy,I love you,I give you everything!! As he murmur’s,yeah right!! whatever man…….Is she a “Good Mother”??? Next comes the “Stripper”a Mother, with 2 children, ages 2 and 10, she leaves them home alone each night,while praying for their Safety,as she is new to the area,leaving her family,and hometown,for a new life,in a different city,(for her and her babies) As well,”A New Beginning….Sadly, the only job she knows good,is Stripping,and after- 3 failed job interviews- I need money,she think’s and rethinks……Her 10 yr.old,has seen so many harsh,crude,dirty-dealings,drugs,party girls, many have spent the night,at his house,at time Mom leaves for a day or two,but, she always leaves food, a cell phone,-just to call her-(not Granny) sometimes,I wish my little brother and I could live with Granny&Granddad,but, Mom,says, NO!!!! we have to stay with her…..At times, I’m so scared,my heart feels as if it will burst open,spilling my innards…Hey,,I’m only a 10 years old..My mom feeds us, plays with us,takes us to Chucky Cheese,but, then she goes to work late at night,(late) and comes home before it’s time for me to go to school,I have food,nice clothes,weekly hair-cut,and I love my mom and little brother,I wish I knew my Dad……..Mom,never answer,when I ask about him,she say’s she’s my Dad & Mom…What the????-IS SHE A GOOD MOTHER-???? I hope you will think about this Question and answer honestly:ARE YOU A GOOD MOTHER……..hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com …Happy Mother’s Day-Mom’s………#Bring Back Our Girls…their mom’s need them…………Peace…blm1957         


             Hi friends, here’s to a “Marvelous May” to you and your love-one’s,Well, another month has arrived,it amazes me how fast the months are passing,it seems it was just a New Year,(January) 2014..Wow!!! 5 months into the year. It has been horrible in the weather department…just sad……I struggle to bring joyous, uplifting news,however,in times like these, it becomes a difficult task….For,yes, this prayerful,God-fearing Christian,that I’m…..Find myself seeing a change in the Universe..Having my Faith (Tried) But, I believe Jesus…Thus, I strive on…with all the “Destructive,Life-changing Events”…………..Such as,a child asking a bewildered parent,(where will we live now??) ( OUR HOUSE JUST BLOW AWAY)????? Try if you Dare* to grasp that feeling of pure SHOCK*, Disbelief,and Fear*, these everyday,law-abiding Citizens, voting in every Election…..Hard-working!! just trying to Make It…….(Just trying to make it) amidst,Tornadoes,Mud-Slides,Fires, and saddest of all* Stabbings, by a (crazed person) who unprovoked, approach you, and begin stabbing one’s defenceless,unprepared body………. (Could it be We are Finally* living in “the End Times”) (THE LAST DAYS”) that my  mommy,grandma,spoke of ,while scaring the living daylights out of Us children…,as a child,,youth, teen, adult….The words of Doom,Despair,I almost to this day, tremble,and ask Jesus , Mercy,for my Children, my Grandchildren,my Siblings…………Grandma,spoke of every terrible( sadly )Event that is occurring Today………I tell no Lie.(Truth)…………..Wars, and Rumor’s of War,Earthquakes,in unlikely Areas,Big-Brother..New World Order…Cash-less Society…..The list*goes on and ON….As well,facing reality!!!!!! I See The Signs,and realize (what time it is ) It’s time to be Right!! Be Right-Get Right!! lol..Whatever,it takes,for,we live in the Great USA,Life is good,I don’t complaint,for, things could be so impacted with burdens,that you know unless Jesus* steps in,and change the situation,for your good,hopelessness,can set in…..However,keep the Faith*!!! Believe!!!! Friends, it just “Breaks” my heart (truly) as I watch the evening world news…Most days lately, I find I can only watch 1 airing…..It’s all I can take……My heart is so heavy for Our Citizen’s,Pray for those affected please………..Lastly, in this “Marvelous Month of May” with summer,Just around the corner, we can make it now….Summertime…The best season of the year…However, I love winter also..Did I say winter???? It’s time to sign out!!!!  lol…………Even,though things look bleak,hold on,Believe,ask Jesus,to help you,he will…I know of what I speak….ask him too never* leave you,Thank him in spite of!!! And watch him bless you,with a desire of your heart……He’s right their,He’s right their,anytime you need the Lord,He’s right their….24/7…365…Amen&Amen..blm1957@wordpress.com…hug your children,keep them close…….May Birthday’s,-Tiff Angel Mcghee,(My Beautiful Neice)May 3rd. Sister-in-law, Maria-May 4th.(2-day)happiness,Sis!!   -All is Well-blm1957……Peace….. #Better weather  #Bring Back Our Girls!!!!!!!!   #Happy Cinco de Mayo  Day,May 5th.


Greetings~~~ This “Good Friday Morning”after prayer, mediation,and eating a light breakfast,I ventured,  outside,just to get a fresh breath of air,and to see how well my Hubby,raked, and cleaned any remaining debris,for our lawn/yard….what a good job!! He’s so neat,and tidy,until I knew,things would be fine…Every, Easter,after Church,we have an Easter Egg Hunt” for the Grandchildren,and our next door neighbor’s…what Fun* they have as they run (care-free) to and fro,looking,searching,each child,wanting to find the most hidden eggs!!!!! Hiding 40 dyed Eggs,is worth the time,as we watch and wait,highly excited,( almost we have come to realize) as the children…lol..Meanwhile,I head back inside..It’s 12:00pm,my daughter,called to let me know she is on her way,she promises to arrive by 1pm……As,I prepare to shower and dress….At 2:00pm, we attend “Good Friday” Services,at our Church,The Remembrance- The Resurrection*of Jesus Christ,we pause to remember,the reason for this service..I feel peace,at the thought of entering service again,(my place of peace and solice..So,Im ready,and waiting, as I see my darling daughter, pull into the circular drive…..I set the alarm,and greet my big baby…lol….Parishioner’s,are dressed and ready for service,as,we exchange hugs,and words of gladness,we sit,as Service begin’s…(It’s not Easter Yet) it’s the Friday before Easter,so all talk about “easter egg hunts” (CEASE)… “Good Friday”- is a religious holiday observed primarily by Christians,commomorating the Crucifixion* of Jesus Christ,and his death at Calvary……..Therefore,every “Good Friday” at 2:00pm.We pause in remembrance of our Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ..Amen&Amen….Will you and your family attend “Good Friday” Services?? I hope you will..Grace and Peace,unto you…..blm1957@wordpress.com..hug your children,keep them close…..blm1957..




Hello Friends,  How is everyone this 9th,day of April?? Things,are looking brighter and in focus,I truly hope… Can you believe Easter is officially 10 days away??? Do you celebrate Easter? Always remembering, the Crucifixion* of Jesus Christ,on the Cross* for Our Sins……..Thus, giving us a chance to live a spirit-filled life, living the life of Christ,what a Blessing….As well,we are finally feeling warmer temperatures,here in the Mid-West…I feel so Joyful,as I have begun raking leaves,that has blown,inside my front*Iron fence…My hubby is preparing, to apply weed&feed* to our( Brown,Sad-Looking) LAWN!! Awwww..It has suffered a Frozen*shock to its very Core..for, in our neck of the woods,we have set a record, for the snowiest and coldest winter in 100 years,and yes, I felt every long,cold, bone-chilling,dreary day,with colder nights, for months,(it seemed like a year)…. lol..However,Warmth and Spring, comes in the morning..(Amen&Amen) This winter,was the first year we seriously thought about leaving Springfield,and heading-South, to Florida,or Atlanta…I have Sister’s in both States,and for weeks now,they ask!! what’s the Hold-Up???Aren’t you guys ready to make that move??? As well,they cannot figure out why we stay here,enduring,winter, after harsh winter…As, we are being told, the Weather will only get (Colder) in the future,and for longer periods of time… Yikes!!!! lol… However, we plan to remain here,in Springfield….. Too much happiness,too many years here,(who wants to start over??)( We don’t)……Also,(Too Old)…. lybo…Therefore, we roll with the punches,knowing  it’s April ,the worst is over!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!…(These words Soothe Me)…. April,May,(and) with June, comes Summer… YES!!!!!! I actually wore a light jacket today, the Temp, was 59 degrees,a little breezy, but, I will gladly take it…..-smiles- Get up, get moving,and get your bum’s in gear, for spring then (Summer) Yea..Summer is coming!!!!!! Yes, I/We will make it through…I can make it……You can make it…Just stay, hopeful.prayful,and remain true to yourself..Help someone in need,sweep a Senior’s porch,carry out their trash,lend a helping hand,to make this a better World…. We can Together!!!!!!! Here’s to A Astonishing April……..blm1957.Hug your children,keep them close….. Easter,is coming,do you have Easter Egg Hunts,,for your little ones??? Please Do.. They will love you,even more..lol.. Peace…. BTW: Remember,the real reason,for Easter Sunday!!! The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ……..blm1957…..