Hello Friends,  How is everyone this 9th,day of April?? Things,are looking brighter and in focus,I truly hope… Can you believe Easter is officially 10 days away??? Do you celebrate Easter? Always remembering, the Crucifixion* of Jesus Christ,on the Cross* for Our Sins……..Thus, giving us a chance to live a spirit-filled life, living the life of Christ,what a Blessing….As well,we are finally feeling warmer temperatures,here in the Mid-West…I feel so Joyful,as I have begun raking leaves,that has blown,inside my front*Iron fence…My hubby is preparing, to apply weed&feed* to our( Brown,Sad-Looking) LAWN!! Awwww..It has suffered a Frozen*shock to its very Core..for, in our neck of the woods,we have set a record, for the snowiest and coldest winter in 100 years,and yes, I felt every long,cold, bone-chilling,dreary day,with colder nights, for months,(it seemed like a year)…. lol..However,Warmth and Spring, comes in the morning..(Amen&Amen) This winter,was the first year we seriously thought about leaving Springfield,and heading-South, to Florida,or Atlanta…I have Sister’s in both States,and for weeks now,they ask!! what’s the Hold-Up???Aren’t you guys ready to make that move??? As well,they cannot figure out why we stay here,enduring,winter, after harsh winter…As, we are being told, the Weather will only get (Colder) in the future,and for longer periods of time… Yikes!!!! lol… However, we plan to remain here,in Springfield….. Too much happiness,too many years here,(who wants to start over??)( We don’t)……Also,(Too Old)…. lybo…Therefore, we roll with the punches,knowing  it’s April ,the worst is over!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!…(These words Soothe Me)…. April,May,(and) with June, comes Summer… YES!!!!!! I actually wore a light jacket today, the Temp, was 59 degrees,a little breezy, but, I will gladly take it…..-smiles- Get up, get moving,and get your bum’s in gear, for spring then (Summer) Yea..Summer is coming!!!!!! Yes, I/We will make it through…I can make it……You can make it…Just stay, hopeful.prayful,and remain true to yourself..Help someone in need,sweep a Senior’s porch,carry out their trash,lend a helping hand,to make this a better World…. We can Together!!!!!!! Here’s to A Astonishing April……..blm1957.Hug your children,keep them close….. Easter,is coming,do you have Easter Egg Hunts,,for your little ones??? Please Do.. They will love you,even more..lol.. Peace…. BTW: Remember,the real reason,for Easter Sunday!!! The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ……..blm1957…..


Hello, my friends, I hope you are in a Happy,place,remembering only “YOU” can make your Happiness Thus, I CHALLENGE* you to  become Happy* If you take this Challenge,look to change your mood,prepare to be “uplifted,Inspired,and HAPPY”……Unless, your little-one’s,couldn’t Drag* to the movies to see,Despicable Me 2,.lol..U live under a rock~~ Or,unfortunately,have a( mental issue,for which I’m indeed sorry) Are you like Millions of America’s ,also Millions,around  the WORLD” in love with the Song “Happy” by a young man who has his very own Unique Style!!!!The Brown Hat*lol…None, other than Mr. Pharrell  Williams, one of my new Hero’s…Firstly, upon hearing,* Happy* on the Radio,* I thought,man, that’s a Joyous Song,,It makes One, stop dead in your  tracks,as, you sense this sudden,over-whelming, feeling of unabated pure joy!!!!!Secondly,I thought*” Happy*”, should become our Second National Anthem………Truly….After, the song end on the radio, one of the D.J’S,,happily expressed,doesn’t that song,just make you “FEEL” you can do anything?? it just makes you Happy!!!!! Too, which all other 3 crew-member’s in unison replied yes, I love this song,(they all agreed) from, that moment on,I became a Voice for this Beautiful Inspiring Song…… Our Country, especially, at this time. in our great U.S.A……We have so many  Issues,…….The Missing Airplane???,Earthquakes…..Mud-Slides….,etc.etc…..However,  it’s mainly, this Weather, Polar Vortez..lol..Indeed…So much Destruction in our States……..*Jesus, have Mercy on Us,keep Us Father,see Us through, these times of Turmoil….Amen&Amen………………. As well, did you watch the Oscar’s*?? If so, you witnessed the Performance by  Dancer’s to the song Happy*..It brought tears to my eyes,as I song and danced along……….. Wasn’t it Beautiful???? I love the new Promo on G.M.A.*, the Anchor’s dancing to Happy*….(Got to love It) lol…there,are Hundreds,of YouTube Video’s of people (of all*Ages)Dancing and Singing to this song…..It’s does a “MIND” good…..(Would you not,  love to see Pharrell,and his Dancers, on Dancing with the Star’s)???? Yes!!!!!!!That would be Fantastic!!!! As well……For, those who are wondering,(NO) I Do Not Know,Nor, have I Ever, Met*,Pharrell…Never.*..I would love to meet him one-day,he could be my 3rd.Son,as I have 2…lol…I truly admire him for bringing joy,hope,and promise, to thousands/millions with/by his music…..(that’s a Blessing*Pharrell) God bless you and your Family…..Lastly, My Friends,I ask one more thing, I “CHALLENGE” you to Listen to the Verse*(CAN’T NOTHING HOLD ME DOWN,CAN’T LET NOTHING*HOLD ME DOWN) I, exercise to it every morning,(I try)…..All together now,”SING”, Now, adjust your volume!!!….If you are not alone…lol……However, grab the kids,the grands,your spouse,Everyone……Make up your own dance,or simply sing along, with the singer/dancers on the song……. This makes, for great Bonding Time,with your Children, think how Happy*(PUN) intended. you will make them…..So,.Turn up the Volume,as  everyone, Sing/Dance together,and Confirm: Can’t Let Nothing Hold Me Down” “Because I’m HAPPY*********  This song is my “Inspiration”It is a Blessing…I hope you take my suggestion,and get yourself,And your family together for some FREE** Fun,and Memories……  Peace… blm1957, hug your children,keep them close………Because I’m Happy…..blm1957@wordpress.com…..  (It might seem crazy what I’m about to say,Sunshine,she’s here,you can take a break……-Go, I will wait……Quick, grab your iPod,dvd,tablet,smart phone, and Turn-Up”Happy”and begin to feel Happiness!!!!!!!!!!!…….Clap, along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do……………….Peace,Happiness,Love,and Joy……………  Happy Birthday,Teriol, (TJ) I love you my Sister….Also, My Nephew,Julian,-My” ju-ju” lol..March 30th…..     BTW:Congrats,Pharrell,,for making the “COVER” of the April Issue of GQ…………#” The Pharrell Dance”   #GQ Magazine  #Pharrell GMA Live!!!  # Girl  # Despicable Me 2,(Soundtrack)  # 1.23 million copies sold in the United Kingdom along….. #1Fan…….#Martinez8Betty………





      Hello, greetings from the Mid-west,I love Jesus Christ,Family,and my Country….I’m Talented, very Creative,a great Friend,and a good Listener. I Design Wreath’s( Door&Wall)also, Floral Arrangements,for any Occasion.My Passion however,is “Landscaping”most (late) spring/ summer mornings**,as early as 6:00am, I can be found, in one of my(5)Flower Gardens…..I love, love,the Earth,growing,planting,and transforming,our beautiful land…..As well,I love Posting,a new Blog,hoping to Inspire You&Yours……..Thank You,for your Valuable Time………..blm1957..Hug your Children,keep them Close…..Peace..      blm1957@wordpress.com    BTW: I’m A Wife, Mother,and Grandmother       #Go Green   #Save The Planet


  Hello, are you like everyone I know,sick and tired of this Winter,the snow is no longer clean,white,and shining, in the after glow of the latest snow fall…It’s no longer Cute!!!! It has become dirty,as it slowly melts.on those rare sun-filled days,these sun days have become few in the mid-west,we have had 10 sunny days,in the last 2 months….-sigh- my neighborhood,has remained,cold,icy,and snow-filled…In January,we were so excited,and over-joyed,with each new snow fall,my grandchildren,became so ecstatic,at the thought of building a snowman,and to date,  we have 4 snowmen in our yard,one huge mr.snowman in front,2 on the side of the house,and lastly,miss  snow girl,(lol)in the back yard..The fun and bonding,we shared as we builded our Snowman…We were gathering and building memories that will last FOREVER*…My boys were so happy,the look of delight,in their young eyes,will live in my heart forever,(I shall never forget,how a little thing,as rolling snow into a ball,bigger,bigger,until we have 3 different size balls,small,medium,large….Paw-  Paw.gave us one of his black hats,he no longer wears,we used large black buttons for eyes, a long orange carrot for his nose,a red wool scarf for his neck,(Bren said it would keep snowy warm,we named  him snowy) awww!!!and  red piping,for his mouth,and 2 med,sticks for his arms,-Nice- We’ve had 75 days with snow on the ground….75 days…..(Please “Spring” Come On) It’s very cold and frozen,Now,I’m not complaining,However, enough is enough!!! please forgive me Father,for we are COLD!!!! lol………..I looked out this morning,and watched as the snowmen are slowly melting away,the grand’s have had 18 snow-days, No School,they even dislike hearing via the news,that there is no School today because of the Snow…Now,when the children,are tired of staying home,because of the heavy snow fall,”Please Spring Come On” We are all tired of the snow and cold,However,we know that now it’s Spring,Therefore,Summer is just around the corner!!!!! -YES-!!!!!!! It’s Spring……I feel better already…lol.. We can make it,this is what happens in the mid-west…..Spring,Summer,Fall,and Winter…….I think I just may stay here in the mid-west,and enjoy our 4 seasons……..Peace….hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com……”Spring Has Sprung” …….Yea……….blm 1957   BTW: one more day,until Spring…..That’s what I’m talking about…….lol..


Hello friends,I have missed you and wanted to hear from my loyal followers…However,my life,changed in a flash, with  the New Year-2014,If someone had whispered,shouted, to me that our family would lose 3 close,loving,valuable, cherished,members of my/our family,I would have shook my head in disbelief,ask,for an apologize,and told the messenger to please -Stop Playing- and never utter,sorrowful,words of Sadness ever again….Therfore, when my sister-in-law,called to let my husband know that morning,that cold,windy,bone-chilling December 27th,2013, early morning call,4:25 am.When does one ever get good news,when your phone rings,harshly,seemingly louder that usual) that early…I had a feeling it would not be good news….-I just knew) Sadly, my -S.I.L.- muttered,tearfully, that Dad had just passed away,she briefly,left the ICU,to relay,this dreadful news of Death…Whereas,my father-in-law,had been given, maybe a year to live,we knew the probability of that prediction was incorrect,-we knew- yet, we prayed,and asked for healing,and deliverance, while,knowing,Jesus,-Will- shall be done….Meanwhile,we were still celebrating Christmas,we had family from out of town.(2 of my sister’s and 3 of their grands) however, my husband,just could not get into the holiday spirit,(and he loves Christmas as much as I) My In-laws,live in Springfield,Ill.we had just visited for Thanksgiving,Dad was in awful pain,but, he tried to play it off,my husband, stood proudly with Dad,for months,(as he took off for 4 months from work last summer,June,July,August,and, October,to be with him on his birthday…October 22nd.When, we talked that night,he said honey,it makes me so sad,to hear my dad pray to live to see Christmas…..Thusly,he made it!!!! he made it for Christmas…We are so thankful,fot that… Needless,to say his Funeral was held January 3rd,2014..It was touching and moving,As I told the family Dad can feel no more pain, no more sorrow,he is finally resting……Rest on Dad,we love you and will always carry you in our hearts………So, I quess you realize,our -New Year- was a little sad..Moreover,we returned home,one week later,The week of January 12th,2014,my favorite cousin,Chris,Passed away,In Shock, I/We went thru the motions of another passing,I talked with Chris,before leaving for Dad’s Funeral,she spoke of wanting to visit Vegas,this summer,was I interested? Yes,I replied,we laughed about a family member,who always make plans,but, can never quite come up with enough funds,we laugh and set aside a little cash for her….We ended our conversation,with words of love and joy,and laughter,I never knew,(WE WOULD NEVER SPEAK AGAIN)……….-sigh- Tears of sadness are falling,but, I need them as they heal…Chris,Services,were so sad because of her Grandchildren, crying,and calling her name,I still hear their tiny moans of pure hurt and loss…..So Sad…I left early,it was too much,as, I was thinking,how,my grandson’s,would miss me…..But Wait!!!!!! on January 25th,my Brother-in-law,was killed by a Hit&Run Driver…(who was drunk,of course) My sister was Devastated…Crushed.they had made plans on that last Friday,for their annual cruise……Yes, friends, my faith has been Tried*Yet,I refuse to stop thanking and praising my Jesus,for he is truly Awesome…..I’m hurting,but I’m holding on,Trusting in my Savior,all the day long…..I find peace,in the quite times,as I Paint, design Wreaths,care for my family,go about my daily duties,Friends,Please,don’t take Today,Tomorrow,for granted!!!! It is not promised,Live like its your last day,love your children,spouse,family,for as you can see,Life is fleeing,you can parish in a blink of the eye!!!!! So, now you know where/why it’s been 3 months,since I wrote a post..Just reflecting on life,and trying to be the best I can be….All Is Well..Amen&Amen…Hug your Children,keep them close to you…Say I love you often…I’m glad to be back…….Peace,love,and joy…blm1957@wordpress.com  


    Hi my Christmas friends!!!!!!! If you work in an” Office- Setting”,will you attend your Company’s Christmas Party?? I’m self-employed now,for the last 7 years…However,, I worked for a Publishing Company for (4) yrs. In Management, at  Chrysler Corporation for (6)yrs..So, I know a thing or too,about Company Parties!!!!!(if walls could talk)lol…It always amaze me and (fellow co-workers) How, it appeared to be the (Quite,Shy,Mousy, somewhat, unflattering Clothes) young ladies,that, once you give these girls, a couple of drinks,the hair comes down,usually followed by clothing…..(NOT ALL) SOME*..lol.. However, I feel, the number is somewhat higher in Corporate…It seems drinking and holiday parties, can bring out the best, and the worst..Then, there are the 2 ladies everyone knows are (women on the prowl)(Loose) “No Regrets” Nothing to Lose” looking to hook up with the Boss,or any person in high authority….I always, remembered, at these Parties,I would/will have to face these (same people) monday morning!!!!!!! Therefore, I strive to have 1 drink,dress appropriately,(keep the gossip to a minimum)…lol..Over the years,I have  personally seen 2 marriage dissolve,because of a fling at a “Christmas Party” It’s very sad to lose yourself in the moment because of a weak desire,liquor,loneliness,and a chance,for a little love!!! (love,well,Lust) please,ladies, and men,if you attend your Christmas Party* (Alone/or with your Mate) DO NOT get involved in something,that has no future,nor,will get you a promotion….It just will not work….It has been proven….People, do foolish things,when you throw your beliefs,and values,to the wind…..Thus, I would like to remain you,Don’t do anything,that Monday Morning,   you will be sorry for,and now with social media,your picture,acts,and personal body parts.can be shown to millions,with one (1) click of a i phone…..you have been Warned…..lol…Peace..Happy Holidays* (keep your Values&Morals) blm1957@wordpress.com  hug your children,keep them close…..Merry Christmas* 10 days until the Big Day!!!!!!!!BTW: Have A Great* Time At Your Christmas Party!! You Earned It!!!!! Peace&Joy..Stay “Merry”


Hello my friends,If you live in the Mid-West like my family,you are in the middle of a “COLD”  Freeze,  the sun refuses to shine….The snow and cold will not let up…Thus,I ask, are you finding yourself  feeling  sad, moody,anxiety, and just*depressed??? If so, you may be suffering from (SAD)* – SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER- Often known as winter depression,winter blues,sudden sadness,and Depression…..These, sudden changes in mood*in people with normal mental* health throughout the year,suddenly,find themselves experiencing depressive symptoms in winter……..Although experts were initially skeptical,this condition is now recognized as a common disorder,with its prevalence in the U.S..The National Library of Medicine notes that “some people experience a serious mood change, when the seasons change,some may sleep too much,have little energy,with deep feelings of sorrow,lack of focus and desire” As well,some symptoms can be severe,how- ever,they usually clear up,once the season changes,or the SUN* returns!!!!!!  Yea…..lol… S.A.D. was formally described and named in 1984,by Dr.Norman Rosenthal at the National Institute of Mental Health………..There are treatments for classic winter-based seasonal affective disorders,including,(LIGHT THERAPY) using, Direct Sunlight,HighWatt Bulbs,-(bright lights)….This is the Remedy,I choose,As, I have an enclosed heated in winter/cool in summer,(Sun Porch) Moreover,this Porch,is a blessing,in the cold,dreary,months of winter,(Dec-Feb.) On these chilly,sun/less days of winter,I head for the (no pun intented) Sun Porch..lol..where my hubby,has installed, (12))over-head light-bulbs,100/175 watts,we also have bright blue walls,(blue is my fav-color) a reminder,of summer,and the beach,ocean, fun in the sun…you feel me?? lol..My C.D. player,offers,lively,soothing,magical,sounds of Summer, I love the sounds of flowing water,,the ocean,wind,and rain…… It seems, my mood change almost instantly…I’m so thankful,for my Sun-Porch,I would be in deep trouble without my light therapy….I need it…lol..Hopefully, my light-therapy suggestion helps you.Until,summer returns,I wish you sun-light,and peace..”GO TO THE LIGHT”…..lol…hug your children,keep them close……blm1957@wordpress  Christmas Countdown,11 days until Christmas…(my grandson counted down for us) my grandson’s are visiting,for the week-end,they are trying to open gifts,looking inside,peeking….lol…I love them……….(Boy’s No Peeking)..lol………..