Hello friends,how are things going for you and yours?Great I know…After,much thought and conversation’s with family,friends,co-workers.etc..I find myself wondering!!!!!(Does any-one WAIT* anymore to date, get to know* the person,or is it Just* this Cool,who cares’ attitude, hey! lets hook-up, receiving a text at 1:00am,2am???for a booty-call!!!!!!or,.lol..let’s be friends with benefits..Yeah,that’s dope..no Strings,no Ties, Nothing……..Admittedly,we live in the 21st.century, I get that……But Jeez’s!!!!!!!However, does this require,,we no longer teach/talk to our children,family, about,Loyalty,Trust,STD’s……. (STD’S)Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Yuck!!lol..Commintment,Faithfulness,and True Love…… The giving of yourself to one Person??Each and every Day,we hear of a Celebrity Break-Up, what I find most troubling however, ( there are too many to add here,if you watch the Entertainment Show’s, Read all the many Star/Reality Magazine’s, you know where I’m coming from..We witness at least 1to2,couples weekly,Breaking-Up,however,in 2 day’s Time,we see them laughing,smiling,kissing,Sexing,(WITH SOME-ONE NEW)!!!!!!! I have one Question……I would love answered……Ms./Sir. Have/Did,you visit your Doctor, Ladies,(Ob-Gyn) to see if you are disease free? I like-wise ponder,have you taken a HIV Test in the last 6 months?or sooner,if you are with a New Partner,3 Days,after your last Lover/Husband,of Months,Years!!!!As well ,Women,do you cleanse your Feminine Area Throughly?? Have/Do you check for Herpes,(both sets of Lips) stop blushing!!!!lol…This is a Serious*Issue.Do you use Condom’s??? or like some, I read/talked too…They do not like the feeling a condom  offeres…..Please!!!!!!I would like to make something Very* clear,I’m not Perfect by any means,also,I’ve had my fun dating,while I was single, Thusly, because of my rearing, I had 2 long-term relationships,and Yes I waited, before jumping in a New Bed,or having someone New,in my Bed……In as much, as this is a new Century,different times.2014…Who knows,I could be Bed-hopping, Hooking-Up,having Booty-Calls,Having Sex, with a Friend with Benefits,Who knows?? For, I’m not perfect,nor,I’m I trying to Put any one Down, especially an Adult,I believe it’s called (Free-Will)The fact that One Hooks up with another ,3 or 4 days after a meaningful,seemingly,loving,lengthy relationship,just,Amazes me,I Do not Understand this Love-Fest,this need for (Instant) Love, is it Instant Gradafication??The Fear of being Alone…..,No- one wants to be Alone…..I Understand….Simply, Relax, Breathe,Read A Book,Take a Class,Rediscover yourself,Pray,increase your word-power,Volunteer,However,I must add….( Do You)!!!(live your life) this is just My Opinion,I find it a little distasteful,to Kiss, (Oral),Intercourse (the works) 2 days after you break with your Lover/Husband after several months or Years…..Think,get to know your inner-person..Lastly, Again,these are only my thoughts,and I know you will do what makes you Happy..(Even if it only last a week, or one Month.Sadly,rarely,does it last!!! Rarely…..To Name a Few:Zack&Michelle, Khloe&French M,Justin&Selena,Big Sean&Adrinna,Chris,Drake,Rhianna,J-Law,J-lo&Loves)Amber&Wiz,Katie&John,Sofia&Jason,George C,(off the market)lol….T.Swift&(loves)Write a Song…..The List goes on and on,and on…..My wish is that everyone visit your Doctor often,Ladies:(Ob-Gyn)and please just remain Happy and above all Safe….Hug your children,keep them close,blm1957@wordpress.com.Always remember,”What made you SMILE* in the first place,and You will “SMILE” again….Stay Healthy&Focus…Peace…..blm1957…  Happy October* Birthday’s- Royce,Zan,Dad M,(RIP)Derian P,and Madison(Maddie) Birthday Blessings Famiy………-3rd. 18th.22nd.27th.29th.-

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Hi,friends,a happy “October” to you and your family,why,the 10th month of the year is upon us….October, the month we become aware,”fall” has arrivied….Moreover, I love this transition of the “season’s” thus,October,brings joy and renewal……The temperature changes,darkness arrive earlier,one,can simply feel a “chill” in the air…..Would you enjoy hearing some fun,hopefully,interesting facts,about “October”? October, is the 10th month,of the year, we have 31 days to live life to the fullest.and we in the Mid-west do!!!! however, my greatest thrill, and pleasure,is the changing and falling of the “Leaves”… Beautifully, shaped,various sizes,along with the most “Brilliant Colors”, hue’s of brown(taupe)orange,yellows,and wine,adorn my back-lawn and around the trees…I describe it as a beautiful bed of color and design…What a lovely sight to behold,even on a cloudy day,the color’s give my mind and thoughts,”Warmth”…… Happy child-hood memories,of leaf raking, barn fires,and roasting marshmallows..(so much fun,was had) Now, years later,this October,2014,It seems time has stood still,as I glaze upon a sea of leaves…..As well, farmers,finish harvesting crops of wheat,corn,beans,and tomatoes.For now the cool/cold mornings,and evenings won’t stay,In fact, we will have several more warm* days to enjoy..Yea!!!! (yesterday’s temp was 78 degrees) great..We loved and enjoyed the day,doing last-minute cleaning of the grounds,before the snow settle in….My Hubby,has a leaf-blower attachment on our rider-mower,it makes (leaf raking) so easy and fast, however, I’m old-school,(After hubby has raked,all leaves in the front and sides of our home,myself and the Grands,prepare,for our weekly leaf raking..FYI:A  leaf-free area, only last for 1 day,or if it’s one of our often windy days,3hrs.-tops….lol..(it’s a never-ending job until the last of November).We have several rakes, 3 sizes, smaller,for the Grands, large for the grown folks…lol..2 med.just right for the tweens….Leaf-Raking, signals,the end of summer,and the beginning of Winter*brrrrrrrrr…    The changing of season’s,spring, summer,fall and winter…Gotta love it,and I/we do………One of my favorite’s for fall,is the cooler weather, more time outdoor’s,(family time) Raking leaves with the family,mainly,the Grandchildren…they just love it,our huge back-yard,the tree-house, the fire-pit,where we roast marshmallows,and hot-dogs,on cool nights,singing and talent night,are the most fun-filled..My grandson’s are  so much like their Dad’s..They bring us joy and happiness on talent night especially.. Most birds in our area,have left for the south.(warmer weather) bird’s are seed eater’s,they eat many weed*seeds that would otherwise damage next years crop.Therefore,feel free to feed the birds,and let them graze on the weed seeds, Thusly,(everyone’s happy) you/I/the birds/the nations….everyone..Oh Happy Day…I love October,(The Leaf Month) awwww!!! how sweet….lol..Lastly,the Grands cannot wait to visit the “Cider Mill”most “Apples” are harvested at the end*of October, many apples cover the ground in late October,One can make tasty,warm,apple pies,that are sure to please everyone…Come on enjoy “October and the Falling Leaves”it makes for great excerise*and family bonding,for Free!!! blm1957,hug your children,keep them close….Get up, grab the Family ,and “Rake Leaves”…Peace… -A October Poem-  -October, had a party,the Leaves were the first to arrive,Families,of oaks,maples,and ash,even those with forgotten names are present,it’s a free for all,as they run from the leaf- grabbers/catchers….Run Leaf’s Run,as you swirl and twirl in the wind..Run….blm1957@wordpress.com -THE FALLING LEAVES OF OCTOBER- 2014        # October-Breast Cancer Awareness  #Remember,what made you SMILE*in the first place,And You* will SMILE* Again………….(I Promise You)


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Hi friends,here’s hoping you are living your “Best Life”…….. As I was washing dishes, early this morning, 5:15 am!!!! (my family continue to tease me for not using my “Dishwasher”) I’m old-school…Washing dishes,by Hand, relaxes me,calm’s my body,I do my breathing exercise,yes!! I, can feel my body relax….If you’re wondering why  I’m washing dishes at 5:15am…Why,  I usually arise with my hubby,as he prepares to leave for work…I love the “Solace” mornings bring……At times it appears, mystical,magical,and on those foggy mornings,mysterious….Some find the fog,scary, even frightful!! Moreover, if the wind is blowing,causing trash cans,out-door furniture,to rattle,as it scuffle and rock, back and forth, leaf-less branches strike,my double-glass window,causing strange,and yes,some scary sounds..lol… Different shadows,dance and sway…..As I come closer, to my large bay-window,the blinds(again!!)appear to have been left OPEN!!! from last evening,as I ponder,(how many times do I have to tell my husband,when you make that last check of lock-up,each night, checking that the alarm system is armed and secure,the security camera’s are poised and focused…..Please, close the BLINDS…please!!!lol…As,the over-head light,on the oven remain On…..If an unsavory character(god for-bid)should look inside,One can/would see the complete kitchen…I just feel better when the blinds are Closed…………  Hubby,say’s honey,if a person even approach any side of our home all flood,security lights will come on (Snap)…I must admit I feel a sense of safety…….Last night, 2 of my sister’s stopped by,for dinner,we had a great time,my 2 son’s,3 grandson’s,and a niece, graced us with their presence….My sister’s and I,took our apple pie and coffee,pepsi,and water,into the family room(for girl talk) I told my son’s to stack all the dishes into the sink,(after clearing them of all food) they had/have a bad habit of putting the dirty dishes,in the dishwasher!!!!! I make a fuss, and demand they take (ALL) dishes out of the Dishwasher,leave them in the sink…As,I will wash them after everyone has left……………For, this is how I unwind,after a joyful evening with family,and anticipating an even more enjoyable moment alone with my guy…lol…I pour a glass of red-wine,turn the stereo to kitchen mode only…….Sometimes,I listen to R&B,other times Jazz,some Country…..(Love-Ballards) are good!!!! It all depends…lol……Life is Good,I check the dishwasher,making sure no dishes are left inside to mold and become smelly…(it has happened) as, everyone else, loves the dishwasher!!!!!!!(as they always remain me……,THAT’S WHAT IT’S FOR) dirty dishes…..As well,I remind each person,this is my House,my Kitchen,(my children,I tell this) Now at their various homes,they can use their Dishwasher’s all day!!!!!!!!!!!! and they do……(lazy-love-bud’s)lol……Hours,later,everyone has left for their homes…..Awwwww….I take another sip of wine, close (the Blinds)lol….I.fill my sink with Olay gentle hand/dish treatment,the smell is sweet,my shiny sterling double-sink is filled with soapy,soft,fragrant,slightly hot water,as the sink fills to the desired level,I ditch the gloves,as my soft,polished nails,gently sink to the bottom,a feeling of pure joy,over take me a I separate the glasses firstly,then the plates,bowls,etc…lastly,the flat-ware,as I clean each glass,dish,spoon,fork,the music is softly playing,Toni Braxton is singing in the background,I pause,grab a bounty paper towel,dry my hands,and turn Miss Toni,up,just a little louder…I’m home……lol…As my hands once again emerge into the clean warm water,that will cleanse each dish,leaving them sparkling and Clean…..The old fashion way…..Yes, I love washing my dishes…..Try it..It’s so calming…..BTW: Hoilday’s I/We use the Dishwasher!!!!!!!lol…..I do have a limit…………smiles..Hug your children,keep them close…blm1957@wordpress.com….  Peace…..-The Dish-Washer-……lol…..Try it…..


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Hi friends, Why, it’s the first of September, a day I will always remember, for, it’s the birthday,of my dear-departed Dad…September 1st,2014,can you believe how time, has just flown by? Remember,3 months ago, June! it was hot, humid yet,Most*evenings,offered low temperatures,even lower humidity,a slight breeze, softly caress your cheek,as you lay, lazily,happy,and fulfilled.Life is good,as you gently,let your feet sway at the lowest end of the pool. The clear blue water,refreshes,your spirits even more….Meanwhile.a drizzle of rain begin to fall lightly,spraying one’s body,with light,wet,mists of surprisingly,cool,then warm water,you lay back and embrace your inner-peace….On this September 1st,please, remain mindful of your many blessings, as you reflect on a new school year..My 3 children are grown, and thusly, they have blessed us with 4 Grandchildren,whom,we simply Adore….My husband and I take the Grands (every Year) to purchase their (School Supplies) They can hardly contain their excitement.as we arrive and find a perfect parking space….Yea!!!! at”Target”,(the boy’s love Target!!!)lol…Their ages range from 6-14 yrs. of age….Ages 6-10,must stay with Gram&Paw-Paw,11-14,can feel free to venture,on their own,however,first,we check for a fully charged iPhone,(so we can reach one another in seconds)…The School Supplies,are the first item’s you behold,as you enter,inside the well-stocked store..Filter paper,Writing Tablets, Folders, Binders,Note-Books,Pens,Pencils,Eraser’s,Calculator’s,Laptop’s,(for teens)Markers,why,even Scissor’s for the little one’s,and of course,the old stand-by,(Crayola Crayon’s) remember, the 8 pack from the 60’s,I can still smell the pungent  odor they emittied…Guess you know my age??? lol…Whatever…Backpack’s are next on the list.2 Superhero’s,(for 6-7yrs.) The older fellow’s,like the roll-luggage,for easier handling,more compartments,and as they informed us,(this is what’s on and popping)????What????lol…(On and Popping) Okay…… What they  fail to mention, was the Cost!!!!!! ($45.00 each) Wow…However, my beloved Back-Pack’s,are very reasonably priced…($10-15),as we double-checked,and crossed off each needed item,we realized we had completed our mission…The Boys,are grateful,expressing words of thanks,to us, their Grandparents,(being Thankful,Grateful,is something we instilled in our Children,they,in turn past it on to their Children….Awww..Isn’t that Special!!!!! As we prepare to leave Target,Brennan,the 6 yr. old,ask, if we are going to Kohl’s,or Sears, for “School Clothes” No!!!! Little do they know we put “School Clothes” in the Layaway,in July,Everything is in our spare guest room,hidden from them… Nice,Warm,Color-Coordinated, Clothing,they will be delighted…This I/we know…lol.. Hey!!! These-Children are Expensive……lol…Lastly, Happy Labor Day, to Worker’s all over the World!!!!!!!!(God bless our Union’s)Moreover,as we prepare for a “New” School Year…..I pray that really soon Bullying,will be a thing of the past…It hurt so deeply, when we found out my shy 6yr.old was being bullied nearly every day,even now,it hurt’s too much to discuss…I will write about it one day soon,Brandon, (the 6 yr.old) took Karate classes all summer,(He’s fast,bold,and I see so much added confidence in him,(no bullying this year even if you are shaking in your boots,you better stand up,(some Teacher’s don’t get involved in bullying…(some)…I feel he is ready…I hope so…lol…Happy SAFE*New School Year…September 2014…hug your children,keep them close…..blm1957@wordpress.com…….. #sandy hook..Bless the Children,please keep them safe!!!!!! Amen&Amen……BTW: Try to Talk about things first!!! Let a Teacher or Adult know,if Bullying is going on…Fighting, is not the answer,however,you cannot be Pushed,Hit,Bullied……Another Summer has Passed………..Happy Birthday Dad,September 1st..

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Hello Friends and well-wisher’s…….Here’s to Peace,Health,(Clean Sanitary Drinking Water) Heaven Help us all……… I realize,as well,I shall continue to stay Postive!! I’ve just become overwhelmed,with all the Violence,all over our America….(TheMiddle-East Crisis)..War…..Why,I just didn’t feel like posting………..for, my Soul* is sad,from all the heart-breaking News,reported,on every News Station daily,I have had to limit my watching of local, and world news,as well…….maybe, one airing in the morning,and cutting,the cord on -News-…for the next 24hrs…..I have to do this for myself……..The act, is senseless 99% of the time,The precious Children,are the worst….I always stop to pray for the Family,the mom,dad, siblings,grandparents….A LOSS…….However, in the midst,of so much sadness, and senselessness I would like to let you know we/me/you/are (Truly Blessed) if you are reading this post…..lol…..If your Spouse, Children,Grandchildren,are all well healthy,running free,(Not Hospitalized) Do you really realize,just how Blessed*we are to have a Healthy Family….Amen&Amen…I hope this Touches someone,who may have recently,loss a child,or close family member, Yes, it will be hard,bad days,the memories….The loss of seeing them, touching them,clearly,knowing just what child it is,just from one word, from their mouth, A Mother’s Love…….As you listen,to the latest news,(murder’s) Drunk-Driver,killing some-one…Ever,notice that the Drunk-Driver’s 98% of the time is slightly injured,while the innocent person is no longer with us……..Suddenly,without warning,Your loved one is Deceased,Departed from this World………..Moreover, you will never forget,however, with time!!!! you realize that now,you can Make it….You can make it……As you always carry them in your heart..As weeks,months, (in some cases years past) you will ache for them,cry,and cry, some more,get it out..It’s a unexpected loss……..Thusly,One-Day,One=Day, your burden,will seem lighter,You know you can make it,,,,(It’s the God in you)that will make it..Jesus, is always with us,He loves us,and only want the best for us…What a good Father……Therefore, with love and knowledge,of what I write,I wish you healing,peace,deliverance,renewed-joy,and a desire to stay in the Race….Never Give Up…. Btw: I lost a Baby Boy,at  8Months,My Mom,My Dad 3 yrs.later,4 Brothers, in a span of 5yrs……..Although, even today,I cry for them, But,it’s okay,I can make it,knowing they are safe in his arms…… I move on,as I know they wish me too…..Hug your children,keep them close……Joy Comes in the Morning******** An Astounding August,to you and your Family……Believe,Trust…. …blm1957@wordpress.com……….   #Sandy Hook, we will never forget….   # Eric Garner, NYC. Prayers to your Family and Friends….(Senseless,Sad)





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  Happy “Independence Day” commonly known as the Fourth of July,is a federal holiday in the United States,commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4,1776,declaring independence from The Kingdom of Great Britain,(now officially known as the United Kingdom) parades,grilling,barbeque’s,family gatherings,red,white,and blue decorations,can be seen all over the city,and our country..Everywhere,America Flags,are blowing in the wind,we have 3 flags on our property,large, medium,and small…However, the big bang comes at dusk,after/when the sun goes down,the greatest event of the season occurs!!!!! FIRE-WORKS~~~~~ yea….Firstly, let me express my feelings on this joyous,happy* food-filled ,loud,family day,the fourth of july…As a youngster,6,7, yrs…The 4th,always meant a day of fun,food,friends,and Family…….My mom and her 4 sister’s,headed out to our local park-fondly named,(LOWER-HURON PARK) they arrived at the park by 5:00am,to secure their area,as,we needed 5 to 6 Pinic-Tables,for the whole Crew….lol….we were all one-together,yes, “We Are Family” lol…I loved seeing my aunts and uncles,from 3 different States…Cousin’s,of all ages,(we have so much to catch up on) (boys)..lol…My mom look forward to seeing Sister’s from Ill.,Ohio,and Florida…Our home was spotless,for now…(who cares).lol….At the park,which is always jammed-packed on the 4th,there is also a beach,located at the rear of the park..Always  clean,the water a clear sky blue, the sand, clear and packed,waiting on sand castle’s and dunes to be constructed….We often, had to pass up a trip over to the beach,as over-crowding,was a huge problem….Therfore, we remained,in our area,playing games,riding the swings,playing horse-shoes,running,and race’s….Now, this was Fun!!!!! Secondly, the Food, it was the best assortment of edibles,one could ever imagine,for, we had any food you dared dream of….Meanwhile,years has passed…My Dear Mom, and 4 aunts have passed on, 2 uncles also..-sigh-(sadness over-comes me) o.k. I can move on…I now have 3 grown children,4 grandchildren,and on this Fourth of July 2014,2 of my sister’s and brother-in-law’s are visiting from Atlanta and Florida,3 nieces’,2 nephew’s,are here also..I smile as my now grown daughter, expressed how she could hardly wait to see her favorite cousin,from the ATL.(they wanted to talk about men,children,life) “Sound familiar”????? lol..The world goes around and around…However,some things remain the same.. Our Family remains the same…Praise Jesus…Well, the sun is going down,it’s 8:15,pm. the little-ones are so excited,for, they know it’s “Fire-Works Time…..We only have child=proof works,for the little-ones’s,however, the older teens have all sort of fire-works,some look scary,and loud….Loud….. Here’s to another 4th.of July,it’s a beautiful sunny,airy day,not a cloud in the sky…….God Bless America……Blm 1957,hug your children,keep them close,protect them,inspect, what Fire-Works,are being lit..Stay Safe…… Happy 4th. of July…#Happy Birthday America… Lastly.Happy “16” Birthday, First-Daugther…… Peace…blm1957@wordpress.com.. 

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~~~~~THOUGHTS ON JULY 2014~~~~~

            Hi my friends and family,If you are like myself,you are amazed that (OMG) why, its July* already……..I can clearly remember,as if it were yesterday. Gleeful,for the “New Year,” joyfully and with much anticipation turning my new*2014 calendar to the month of January………Now, 7 months later, a little wary, fighting to keep the Faith* (at all cost) knowing, Jesus, (Did Not) bring me this far in life, TO LEAVE ME…..AMEN & AMEN…..  Touching me on those days, when I just wanted to give up*…For, I was just tired………….However, I can now report, ‘ALL IS WELL’ I’m alive,healthy, with a Home to reside in, Food to eat,(every thing I like)…lol… No Pains rake my body,(Nor, my husband and children,grandchildren)…Bills, are paid!!! what a Blessing,and I’m indeed TRULY* grateful for the Favor of Jesus in our lives…..It has not* always been Harmonious,and Easy.Thus, I’m so Thankful and Grateful…..As, I looking how I have Grown* in this phase of my life….Thank you Father…..Forgive me friends,as, I had to get that off my Chest)….As well, when I arose this morning, watching the morning news,(the first 4 stories,were about death…..Shootings,hit&run,and car-jackings…(my heart cried out) for the News today is filled with shootings, violence,(that makes one only shake your head,at the Senselessness of it all…Last night 2 miles from my city, a 3 years old child,(baby) was murdered,as she innocently played with her older sister,in her front-yard….Her own yard friends..Her older sister was shot in the leg… ,it is being reported, one of her father’s friends was the shooter,A little girl gone to soon!!!!! Jesus,bless this family in their time of despair..In the mid-west,rain,floods,of record-breaking heights,are being recorded.Out west,the Heat is raging,with temperatures,ranges in the 3-digits,Fires rage,some destroy homes…Moreover,these are beautiful homes,(I can imagine the owner’s delight as they designed and discussed their vision for this new home,and within, an hour,the once Lovely home is/has burned to the ground……….Never, forget how easy it is to become (Home-less) Can you imagine becoming Homeless????? It is happening every-day folks,Help them Father,make a way,open a door for them,ease their hurt,loss, disbelief,and the thought of Where Do We Live Now!!!! Please do not take for granted your blessings,(count them) remain Thankful,try to donate to a shelter,or the Red Cross,when you hear of a family burned out of their home, losing Everything,Everthing…Wow..I,speak words of thanks,for all my blessing,even,a shower,in my private home is a blessing to/for me,for, it means so very much when you can shower, without any assistance..etc.etc..Lastly, I would like to encourage you to stay focus,pray,increase your faith,pray some more…lol… Laugh..Be Happy, in spite of, for, I guarantee you,somewhere,someone is far worst off!! than you..Thus,in this Summery,month of July,stride to make it,help someone in need,share the love,and watch how your blessing flow,keep your Doctor’s Appointments,check your blood-pressure,heart, talk about your health with your Doctor…. I wish you perfect-health,and peace to you and your family,this summer in July….And always..hug your children,keep them close,blm1957@wordpress.com Believe…Peace.. blm 1957 # July 2014

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